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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 rounds for time:

20 Wall Balls
20 Med Ball Cleans
40 Med Ball Overhead Walking Lunges

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs gals use 14 lbs for all movements.  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to January 5, 2010

Comments: 19

Who’s the creepy man leering behind Sophia?

Not this workout again!!!

That is the small Hulk in female version! I love that little devil!!!

woooow!! that’s my niece there!!!! ja!!!
and this is just the beggining.

To me the walking lunges were hell…need to fuel the body better for these early morning WODs. As rxd=22:10
Doug P we all look forward to your return to the Tuesday and Thursay morning classes…you turn 50 and disappear…past 50 and Crossfit is a beautiful thing.

Alvaro, Sophia’s form is much better than your picture the other day!

14lbs for the MBC and WL
8lbs for the wall balls

Last time: 37:48 with 8 lbs for the whole wod

getting up and down the stairs is already a challenge…:(

33:52 scaled to 8 lbs
Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!
Depth on some of the MBCs and WBs questionable but got through it!
Now let’s see whether I can walk tomorrow :~(

Only did 4 rounds as I need to walk normally for hockey this week.

20:21 as RX’d for 4 rounds.

Alvaro, you have a beautiful family. Your daughters are such sweethearts.

20 lbs.
Did 3 rounds in 24:30

25:20 as rx’d. I like this workout- there must be something wrong with me. Thanks Brett!

BTW, that picture is adorable.

22:52 As Rx. Nice to be back in class, thanks DJ.

Alvaro that is a great picture, your daughters are both adorable. Feel like I could have pushed this harder 24:41 as rx’d. Felt good to sweat again. Thanks DJ, good luck with your last paper.

Sophia says thank you for all the nice comments!!
As rx’d 25:55 (3:17 faster than last time and 10 min faster than June 2009!)

As Rx’d…and deadly! First time for this WOD.

CFC WOD. As rx’d 31:54. First time doing this. It sucks but is fun. Lots of room for improvement.

CFC run class. 4 rnds. 400 m run, 25 squats, 1 min rest. 14:00. Legs tired from WOD. Worked more on technique then pushing limits. Running form improved from beginning to end. If you want to be a better runner this class will help. Actually had time to work on drills and technique. 4 people in class lots of personal attention.

As rx’d: 23.18

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