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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, April 30, 2008



10 Minutes of Double Unders for reps.

 Coach’s notes:  Post reps to comments.

Compare to Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Comments: 17

501 reps on this lady this am….

Rest day for me: Did 10 WOD of the past 11 days and 15 of the past 17 days. That might just be why I felt so darn fatigued doing “Barbara” last night…
Have fun on the DU’s!!

263……..501 WOW!!

Last time 386

A little disappointed, but after yesterdays WOD I am still feeling a bit fatigued.
Claimed 450+ last time. I will hit that goal next time. Added 5% this time. Need to add 11% next time. I got it!

PM WOD later today
100 Chin ups for time

PM Wod
100 Pull ups.

Time 5:27

Ouch, hammies hurt from yesterday from the DL and I was having trouble kipping to my potential. Strategy was to do 4 rounds of 25. Did not workout that way.
Did the first 25, then started cramping up.

307 on this one today. Previous total was 269, so a definite improvement. Coughed and choked a lot afterwards, maybe the dust from the carpet?

Rhiannon: 370 this time vs 150 last time as part of an OPT program back in Sept ’07. Looks like practice paid off!

Missed 8 pm class,



I found a quiet corner to skip and people still walk towards me and three time I almost ripped their faces off with the rope!

Must be the attractive CFC shirts…or the guy wearing it!

Post WOD, OPT training A (sorry using the blog to track my other workouts as well)

G: 268
K: Celebrated Kelley’s career transition from my office to licenced real estate agent. Congratulations Kelley!

I don’t like du’s, (probably because I’m not very good at them!) but that’s all the more reason for me to get the practice! Apparently, I could use a lot more practice!!! Congrats on the big increase since last Sept. Jake!


Dale – 93. Dale doesn’t like du’s either…but he will someday!

WOD killed my delts. I think I have too much movement with my arms!

I hate DU’s!

Oops! I didn’t mean to start a ‘I hate double unders’ movement. I’ll change that to ‘learning to like du’s and will practice’!

But I had to jump so high that I got some knees to elbow action at the same time.

Michelle, I was thinking that before your blog.

I echo your politically correct term…I am also learning to like DU’s!


I didn’t make it to class but Thursday morning I got 187 DU’s. This may not seem big but my last PB was ~130 so it is improving. However, it has much room for improvement.

297 DU’s
swesley, i hear you, my shoulders are smoked.

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