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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

At Home WOD:

Complete 1 round as you see fit for time:

100 Milk Jug (bilateral) Bicep curls
100 Burpees with Milk Jugs
100 Milk Jug (bilateral) Tricep Extensions
100 Bent Over Milk Jug Rows


A. 21,15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

Box Jumps – 30”/24”
Chest to Bar Pull-ups

B.  Row 1000m easy

Coach’s notes:

Post rep scheme and time to complete At Home WOD and time to complete WOD to comments.

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Comments: 8

Water jugs are around 5lbs. Slooshy-ness of the water made the tricep extensions interesting.
10×10 of all the things: Curls, Extensions, Rows, Burpees (only stand to extension – no jump)

Thanks OG. Good job 6am.

19:13 with 10# weights for all.
You all know how much I love burpees! Enough said! Thanks T.

20# DBs for rows and bicep curls
10# DBs for burpees and tricep extensions.
Bicep curls – sets of 10-15
Burpees – sets of 10 throughout.
Triceps – sets of 10-15. These got hard.
Rows – sets of 15-20

This was a real slog this morning. Did it in 10 rounds using 8lbs for the curls and 5lbs for everything else. At round 6 I decided to push out 20 burpees to get ahead on them, which was probably a mistake as I felt like 💩 after that.
Time was 27:38. Thanks for waiting for me to finish 6 am crew!
Great demos this morning OG! You really leaned in today 😜

10ish # for all movements.

Started with 10 burpees and did 10 in between 20 reps of each of the other movements.

16:25 for Daniel using milk jugs 3/4 full.
He did 50/25/25 of the arm movements and 34/33/33 of burpees.

Thanks OG and Tania!

Did the support your box workout #3 today as it’s exam week and therefore things are a yard sale 😂. 8:11 Rxd. Thrusters = ow.


I did this on my own today, as couldn’t make any zoom times. Another fun 😬 one for me.. probably would be a bit quicker in group setting 🤔 – that’s a lot of burpees!😢

I did 4 sets of 15, then 4 sets of 10 for all movements.
Used 15# DB for bicep curls and rows; used 3/4 full milk jugs for burpees and tricep extensions

Milk jugs for all movements
10 rounds of 10

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