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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As many rounds in 5 minutes:

5 Box Jumps

5 Ring Dips

As many sets in 4 minutes:

20 unbroken double unders

As many reps in 3 minutes:


As many metres in 2 minutes:


As many pull ups in 60 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 24″ and gals 18″ for box jumps and 95 lbs and 65 lbs for OHS.  Take OHS out of a rack.  Post results to comments.

Comments: 16

dips/jumps – 6 rounds + 8 <- ring dips were best yet
du’s – 9 sets, no misses
OHS – 19 scaled to 70lbs <- wow this was tough after du’s
row – 466 meters
pull-ups – 19
as rx’d except for OHS

fun fun fun fun fun

Thank you for all the well wishes everyone! I am home and on the mend. No broken bones. No broken neck! This was the greatest relief. I may have a fractured nose and my shiner will probably rival yours, Ryan but I’m very grateful to be up and about and already looking forward to coming back to CrossFit.

To everyone who was there last night when I fell, I want to say a HUGE thank you!! You responded wonderfully and I felt very well looked after and cared for. A special thank you to Sarah and Katie? (sorry, I may have misremembered your name) for getting the bleeding stopped. And a big thanks also to Chantal and Michelle for staying with me, making calls, getting my stuff together. Thank you for being willing to go with me to the hospital, Chantal, that really meant a lot. I know there were others too that helped in many different ways – lifting me onto the stretcher, moving equipment so EMS could have access and I just want to say a big thank you to all of you! It was a scary way to go down but I felt surrounded by a very caring and competent CrossFit community and that made a huge difference!

So glad to hear that you are on the mend Lynette. You were so strong last night, and I am so relieved to hear that you are home. My thoughts are with you…hang in there!

Lynette, I am not sure what went down last night but I do hope your recovery is fast and you are back doing what you love..CrossFit!! All the best, Judy & Neil

Lynette, I heard about what happened – I am thankful you are ok!!! Take care and I wish you a speedy “get well/recovery”!

As for today’s wod! Oh goodness that was brutal!
Dips/box jumps: 8 1/2 rounds (I think that did me in for DUs…well rest of wod)
DUs: 2 rounds unbroken (almost funny) 11,17,15,couple 3’s, 12,
OHS: ugly to start ended up with 21 total (1,2,1,3,3,5,6)
row: 334
PUs: ??12 or13
this was way tougher than I expected – I wished I was still on beach

Lynette, I can’t wait to see the damage!! I bet yours will beat mine!! Haha! And last night made me realize what what a great group of people we have at CFC!! I’m glad to hear your OK and your sense of humor is still there!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!

A: Floor press: 140×5, 150×5, 155×5, 160×3, 165×3, 170×2+1(f)
Dips/box jump: 8 rounds
DU’s: 6 sets
OHS: skipped
Row: 570 m
Pullups: 21
Not sure if this WOD was meant to be on a running clock or with breaks. Did take a very short break between exercise.

6 1/2 rds of box jumps/ring dips
6 sets of 20 DU unbroken
30 OHS
479 mts rowing
10 Pull ups

Hey Lynette, not too sure what happened but can take an educated guess from the sounds of it. Anyways I am glad to hear that you are doing alright. Take care of yourself and get better soon. We will miss you at Crossfit.

BJ-RD – 6+1
DU – 61 reps – some sets of 5
OHS 80 lbs – 11
Row – 403
Pullup – 16

BJ-RD – 6+5BJ’s+1 dip
DU – 4 sets
OHS 65 lbs – 6, should have gone for 55 #’s
Row – 463 no excuse for not transitioning faster
Pullup – 3 only, totally demoralized after weak result tin OHS

No Pierre, there were no breaks as it was a 15 minute WOD; therefore, you cheated

Hated this WOD, can’t wait to do better next time it comes up.

Really glad to hear you are okay Lynette!!

BJ-RD 7rounds +1 box first 4 rounds of dips no band, scaled last 3
DU- still learning the “D”
OHS-10 lightest bar no weight, flexability problems
Row- 438 poor transition
Pullup-4 strict

Lynette, I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well!

All as rx’d except OHS which were scaled to 55#
BJ & RD: 5 rounds + BJs + 3 RDs
DU’s: 7 sets
OHS: 14 reps
Row: 382m
PU: 12 reps (realized after I got off the rower that I had no way to get up on the bar. Had to go find a box, wasting too much time).

BJ & RD: 8 rounds
DUs: 9 rounds
OHS: 7 reps (shoulder was fried)
Row: 569m
PUs: 10

Box Jump/ring dip – 5.5 rounds
DU – 8 rounds
OHS – 35 reps
Row – 390m
Pullups – 14

I liked this one.

Neil – 7 rds BJ & RD, DU-Just skipped, OHS 7 reps, Row 450, PU 7
Judy – BJ & RD(blueband) 6 rds, DU’s 6 rds – 1st rd unbroken, OHS: 35 with dowel, Row 405, PU 9 (blueband)

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