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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

21, 15, 9, 15, 21 rep rounds for time:

Toes to Bar


Box Jump

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs, gals use 14 lbs for the wallballs and 24″ and 18″ for the box jumps.  Post time to complete to comments. 

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Important Reminder – this upcoming Saturday and Sunday CFC will be hosting a barbell certification and therefore regularly scheduled classes will be cancelled.

Comments: 16

6 a.m. special
Fish Game on the rower for points = 1590
3 mins Wall Balls 8# to 10 ft x 21 = 168
Chin ups 3 rounds of AMRP in 10 mins- I used the blue band 21, 21, 18 = 60
DU for 3 mins = 109
Total = 1927
This is the only way I would ever win at rowing, so thanks for throwing it in. Really need to work on those WB’s.
Tech work 6×16 reps GHD situps with push-ups between each set.

Could someone please enlighten me about how to do Toes to Bar? I’ve looked at the exercise demos but no luck…

Toes to bar is a similar motion to Knees to elbows, except, as expected, your toes touch the bar instead. You can bend you knees if necessary, as long as the toes touch the bar.

To see a video of it, check out some of the 2009 Crossfit Games coverage of the final chipper event.

6 am (see above thanks Adelle!)
Fish Game: 390 ** Adelle how DO you play this game???**
3 mins wall balls #14 to 9-10 ft (aiming for that 10 ft line) x 56 = 784
chinups 16, 11,13 = 40
DU = 56
GHD situps see above
Thanks guys great class!

Thanks, Cory…sub’d K2E (and even that was tough) – 20:30

“Wow! What do you use on your feet to keep them so soft? I must touch them.”
I only did half of this workout (21-15-9) and it took about 12 minutes. After the first 10 toes to bar, whatever muscle it is that enables that motion said “see ya”, so I did knees to elbows (which were also hard).

26:09 as Rx, except toes to bar became toes/knees as high as gravity would allow.

13:01 as Rxd. Toe to bar unbroken until the second 15, i hit a pretty good wall there. Wall balls unbroken every round. Box jumps tips from Brett helped but were still awkward. Room to improve there.
Felt pretty sick after this workout to be honest, good one to come back to after a week off.

Wow….this one was rough! 24:30

Pretty much everything was broken!

Had to switch from “Toes to Bar” to. “GHD Situps” after the set of 9’s.

Not a good feeling because I came so close to just given up!


18:50 with 20 inch box-good times at the 7 pm class-great work everyone!!!

15:09…subbed GHD situps for toes to bar, everything else as rx’d

20:03 as rx’d. Wall balls disaster as well as box jumps!!

16:03 as rx’d

14:50 as rx’d.

First 10 Toes to bar were kipped, then I switched to my standard single reps. I broke some of the middle rounds of wallballs, but I did the last 21 straight through. I probably should have pushed through them on the earlier rounds. None of my box jumps were step downs, but there were still some ugly ones in there.


Did the early am special..I can’t remember all of my numbers..fish game..I think 280 something (I’m with you Krista..How do you play that game??) Wb – really baad..44 (with 14lb ball) chin ups – 24 in total, DU…blank – but, a low number. Then a bunch of GHDs and push ups. Thanks James!

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