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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


5 rounds for time(s):

20 Pull-ups

30 Push-ups

40 Sit-ups

50 Squats

Rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Post time for each set and total to comments.

Compare to March 12, 2009

Comments: 33

Barbara hates Blaine……..

oh man…this could get ugly

…..therefore Barbara is not a threat for Rebecca 🙂

Looking at the picture I just remembered how many trees, posts, etc, I crushed into that day!

…..the feeling is mutal, really.

or rather, *mutual*.

Another name for Barbara is Satan! I was fighting the urge to do a “mini Barbara” by round two, so was happy to have completed 4 rds as rx’d( time (too long)- not sure as I left my sheet somewhere- maybe the garbage:). I wasn’t able to complete the 5th rd, thankfully due to Coach Kris having to leave at the end of class – thanks for that Kris and for the good coaching. Nice work everybody!

One more thing to mention – this WOD is no joke!

Barbara hates Angela too!!
-12:00 rest= 26:41
used blue band, must improve pull ups
great effort am class
Thanks Kris

goodness what is the wod above??? I must have missed that one!! (thankfully!!!)
and yes, Barbara is a nasty girl…..
I have my round times in my truck – too lazy/wiped to get right now… gave Kris my time but going from memory – I think it was 27:16 or 27:12??? Kris if you are reading this – you can put in my time … I’ll post round times later…. Blaine, I thought of you while wodding… wanted to quit after round 2
Thanks Kris!!! (I think)

That was CFC3…
see all the fun times you missed out on while you and Audra were on the beach drinkin’ beer :o)

As r’xd with unanchored abmat situps:
4:04/5:28/6:44/7:02/6:40 – 29:58
A weekend of bad eating and pull up/push up weakness brutally exposed!

At home:


Three seconds faster than March.
Made a point this time of not blowing it all on the first round. Didn’t affect total time.
Pull-ups suffered a bit due to low bar at home.
Felt like an off day.

Scaled to three rounds of:
20 PUs with green band
30 Pushups from knees
40 anchored sit ups
25 squats
1 – 6:23
2 – 6:48
3 – 6:50
Total working time – 20:01

Neil – did only 2 rds – felt poorly today
Judy – started before the rest of the class….6:23pm in hope to finish WOD.
Did 4 rds and ran out of time. Used blue band for pullups and had to change to ring pullups on rd 3 due to bench press arm injury. PU’s from knees, abmat & anchored situps….

Started wih some sled pulls with Chelsea and Erin – Fun times.
Then decided to do

“Barbara has Bronchitis and a chest infection”
5 rounds
3 strict ring pullups
9 Pushups
18 situps
36 Squats
rest 3 min


Just enough to make me feel like I did something but not enough to make me cough a lung! 🙂

The good news is I finally finished “Barbara”. The bad news is based on how bad I felt during and for a long time after, I would have guessed my round times would be much better.

3:39/3:40/5:09/6:52/7:10 – 26:30

FU Barbara!!

Hmm, well I finished and that is about it.

Time: 40:53 – 12:00 = 28:53

Side Note: Has anyone seen a green fleece with Boondocks Sporting Goods logo on the front left side? I left it at CFC on Sunday August 29th 7am class.

Ali and Blaine you guys are hilarious!!! Did sled pulls with Ali and Erin. Thanks guys, fun to do something a bit different.

Started this one as Rx, but only for the first 18 push ups, then went to knees. Did the rest as Rx.
Total time: 47:30 – 12:00 = 35:30

4:26, 4:34, 5:00, 5:25, 6:08 = 37:33
Scaled push-ups to knees.
Unanchored ab mat sit-ups.

28:53 as rx’d. Pukey almost paid a visit to me after 3rd around. Last time I did this workout was two years ago. I think I’m good for another two years! Barbara is a very nasty girl indeed!!

4 rounds with black band for pull ups was wt 44:??

As rx’d 36:58
5:26/ 6:36 /8:12 /8:13 /8:20

today was 42:45 total time for me (30:45 work time). Felt pretty good but hit a wall on round 4

As rx’d 41:17 total work time
I will sleep good tonight! 🙂

39:32 as rx’d
Push-ups were slow after the first 15 reps. Down to doubles and singles very quickly.
Round times: 4:59/7:16/8:28/8:51/9:58

Did you check the lost and found. I can’t be certain but I vaguely remember putting a green fleece in there when I was cleaning up one day. I’m not sure what, if anything, it said on it but it might be yours????

As rx’d Total work time 22:47
Great WOD!

Purple band pull ups; Kneeling push ups.
5:47 / 6:57 / 6:44 – had to leave early.
Thanks, Laura!

Wow! This is a good one.
As rx’d
2:26, 2:31, 2:40, 3:03, 3:32-14:14
With rests 26:14
first 4 sets unbroken
last pushups 15/8/7 and slow but steady situps

Splits: 4:04/5:12/6:00/7:54/7:35

Killer times Jake!!


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