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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 rounds for time:

400 m Run

20 Unbroken Pull Ups

Coach’s notes:Β  If you break up any set of pull ups (come off the bar) you must redo the entire set of pull ups.Β  Post time to complete to comments.

To view a slideshow of the Fight Gone Bad fundraising event click here.

Comments: 19

What an incredible idea, Mack & CFC.
Kirs – suspect you prepared the slideshow – great job.
Hmm – this being injured is really affecting me — polite @ 7 am….not normal….

i did… but credit john for taking most of the pics. CFC1 is going to be a fun event! note that we intend for _everyone_ to able to do the WOD(s) as RX’d!

HOW EXCITING!!! I won’t be here to participate in this challenge πŸ™ but I hope this is a sign that there’ll be more like it!!!

6am class
3 rnds;
50 box jumps
21 dead lifts @ 75#
30 pull ups (band assisted)
varied heights and bands – I’m a mess today!
Time was around 36 or 37 minutes, I think…

Did the “Michael” WOD…time wasn’t terribly heroic – 23:25

6 am class: 3 rds of 50 box jump, 21 deadlifts with 115 lbs and 30 (insert descriptive word of your choice – my descriptions are all inappropriate) pull ups. I haven’t touched pull ups for a few weeks and boy do I suck AGAIN. I need to practice everyday I enter CFC. geesh.
24:50 (used blue band after 13 pull ups). Thanks James and Colin.

Is Mack leaving us?

Geoff if you had made the meeting last weekend you would know if Mack is leaving.
That is what being a slacker does for you!


27:49. Unfortunately I still am not good at pull ups. I was blue band assisted for 20 broken each set.

21:20. Too bad it wasn’t 21:12. I used Green Band and had to break on rnd 4 at 15 then did 10 more according to Brett’s new rules. (Double the remaining missed) and Round 5 I broke at 17 πŸ™ then did another 6. Good job everyone.

25:25 as rx’d
Couldn’t do one more pull up!! Not even for a million dollars!!!

as rx’d 15:45…this workout should be called “Popeye” as this is how your forearms feel after you are done!

Very good Jenni!!!

25.48 blue band assisted pullups 140 of them in total due to “penalties” from broken sets

22:15 almost as rx’d…

The workout was feeling pretty good for the first few rounds, with me focusing on coming off the bar at the top to regrip for most of the reps, however on round 4 I wasn’t getting off the bar completely on my right hand, and it was actually twisting a bit at the top. So I ended up shredding my hand in a couple spots, reopening all the recently healed wounds from the C2B workout last week.

I finished the run for round 4 at about 16:30, and Lindsay was kind enough to do an elaborate tape job for my hand. But for the last few reps of round 5 the hand with the tape was slipping off the bar, and when I tried to regrip on the fingertips to get my last rep I completely slipped off the bar! So I swore under my breath and did the two rep penalty, ruining a perfectly good workout…

Cory that is a bunch of b……..t!!!! Disaster! Two pages of excuses!!!! I don’t even know how do you have the courage to post the time as rx’d ………

Believe me, I was pretty upset at myself, knowing that 1 rep would force me to put up with this crap from you!

Cory & Alvaro, you guys are fantastic!! Thanks for providing vast amounts of continuing entertainment.

Alvaro, believe me when I say that you were the first thing on Cory’s mind when he came off the bar!

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