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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Team Series Event 3

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlifts – 225#/155#

Back Squat – 2 reps @ 32X0 X 9 sets, rest 2-3:00

 TT WOD – Strength:

B1. Back Extension (weighted) – 8-10 reps @ 3011 X 4 sets, rest 90-120s

Note:  Add weight if possible.

B2. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat – 6-8 reps/leg X 4 sets, rest 90-120s

Note:  Increase load if you reach 8.


Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

WOD Leaderboard

Comments: 12

Started with yesterday’s WOD – posted there.

3:25 RX’d
Nice work 6am – thanks Shannon and Derek!

The good: First time back on the pull up bar after 3 long months….
The not so good: my DL strength has gone waaaay down.
5:52 rx’d.
Thanks Shannon and Derek, good warmup.

4:32 Rx’d. It seems my fitness hasn’t yet returned from holidays.
Thanks Shannon and Derek! Great warm up!

TT WOD in Open Gym

A. Back squat 135/155/175/205/215/225/235/245/255

B1. Sets of 10 @ 20/25/30/35
B2. Passed on these today.

Nursing a sore wrist today. 7:58 @ 185#. Thanks Tanya for a fun warm up.

Started this one out with a set of 21 unbroken pullups… Wasn’t a great idea, made the sets of 15 and 9 much harder than they needed to be.

Deadlifts were 11/10, 8/7, 9

2:50 RX’d

Thanks Shannon!

5:19 rx
Much harder than I anticipated!
Pull ups went 21, 8-7, 4-3-2.. all kipping, learning butterfly would be key..
Deads went 8-7-6, 5-5-5, 4-3-2. These were hard!

PU 5/5/5/3/3. 5/4/3/3; 9 straight thru
175# DL 5/5/5/3/3; 5/5/5 ; 9 straight thru
DL felt heavy
Back squat 155/185/205/225/235/245
Called it a day
Thanks Shannon good warmup

5:41 – kipping pull-ups and DL @ 135. Thanks Shannon!!

Strength TT I did 7 sets of 4 since I missed the last 2 weeks.
Up to 150.
Sets of 10-12 Back extensions up to 35 lb plate
And sets of 8-10 split squats up to 30lb dumbbells

Good lifting tonight.
And a happy birthday shoutout to Jeff K in case he’s cruising the comments 🙂

4:22 Rx

Did 21 kipping PU unbroken, broke the DL into 11 then 10 reps
15 kipping PU unbroken, broke DL into 5/5/5
9 kipping PU unbroken, did 9 DL unbroken

Not sure I broke it up properly. Maybe i need to muscle my way through the second round. I also need to learn how to butterfly.


A1: 135/185/205/225/245/255/265/275/285/285

B1: 25/36/45/45

B2: 72/90/108/144

Thanks Shannon!

7:13 RX
Pull-ups- Kipping but in sets of 3.
Deadlifts @155#

The pull-ups were definitely the weakness. Did the 21 DL… 13+7, and then the 15 and 9 unbroken.

TT WOD – Strength:
A1. Back Squat – Made my way to 205 for two. No failure.
B1. Back Extension– Made my way to 35# plate/ KB.. for 10.
B2. Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat – Made my way up to 53# kb in each hand (I think that’s what they were? The ones that are usually RX for men)

Nice work gang! Everyone is looking strong!

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