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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Results for FGB

5 rounds for reps:

1:00 Wallball

1:00 back extension


1:00 Rest

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lbs and gals 14 lbs for wallballs and 2.0 and 1.5 pood for kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull.  Post reps per round and total to comments. 

 On Saturday Oct. 10 and Sunday Oct. 11 CFC will be hosting an Olympic Lifitng certification therefore, a modified class schedule will be in effect.  Sat. Oct. 10 member and drop-in class time will be 7:45 am and CFC Kids class time will be 8:45 am.  Sun. Oct. 11 the modified schedule will be;  member and drop-in class time at 8:30 am and Targeted training course at 4:00 pm.

Notice – Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on Mon. Oct. 12 the holiday class schedule will be in effect.  The 9:30 am and 6:00 pm classes will be available for member or drop in attendance. 


Comments: 19

124/116/117/116/120 = 593 as rx’d

This morning at 6:00
Warm up of Fish Game and 4 minutes of Double Unders
3 rnds (not sure what the purpose was except to get gassed)
90 second row at 90%
2 min rest

3 rnds (same as above)
15 DB Thrusters
90 seconds DU’s
2 mins rest

Extra fun at the end
5 rnds 15 GHD situps
Chin-up-Kipping practice
Thanks gang…

276 as rx’d
1) 67 (22/27/18) 2) 54 (16/22/16) 3) 51 (12/23/16) 4) 48 (12/22/14) 5) 56 (14/26/16)
whoa… that was a tough one – l think I need to work on my reps!
Thanks Michelle – that was fun! hope some of my friends will be back!
**Looks like I missed a fun one at 6 am too!**

Nice once crossfit calgary, Highest fundraiser in Canada!

Now we can celebrate with 5 rounds of a “Fight not so bad” workout right?

No KB, subbed #65 barbell sdhp
no #20 med ball, subbed #25 plate thruster onto toes.

Was thinking of officially changing my name to “ms_cranky_pants” but thanks to the group tonight (although I would like to get a drink of whatever kimmer drinks), think I will keep this name. Thanks for the help with the modifications, Rob – it worked well. Rowing tips also good (just in case you were looking for a review.)
Front squat 15# db = 132 (30,29,25,25,23)
Back ext = 133 (32,31,26,24,20)
Anchored abmat sit-ups 155 (23,32,40,30,30)
Total 420

Still feeling sick, so I went with a lift today instead
Deadlift 1Rm= 405.
And yes, the shoes made all the difference

Wow, wasn’t that a kick in the seat of the pants…
w/ 20 lb ball and 1.5 KB
247 total.
59 (18, 23, 18); 52 (18, 21 13); 44 (16, 17, 11); 40 (14, 16, 10); 42 (14, 17, 11)

As rx’d (except I did SDLHP second instead of last, whoops).
21/25/26 18/22/24 19/22/26 19/20/23 20/21/26 Total: 332
Should have pushed it a bit harder today. Great job everyone. Erin, next time I will try to look happier when doing SDLHP’s!!!

338 as rx’d. Cory counted! Thanks Cory my friend!!!

as rx’d. need to use more glute on the back extensions


=219 total

will feel this tommorow

as rx’d 377 thanks Rob for the rowing tips!

With the 12 lb ball and 1.25pd kettle. Only successful wall balls counted. (lots of attemps)
21/32/20 – 15/35/15 – 10/28/14 – 9/25/12 – 14/30/15 Total : 295
I really need to work on wall balls! Among everything else. Definately hear you on the feeling it tomorrow!
Thanks for the encouragement Rob!
Can anyone tell me where to get lifting shoes for my husband?

30/34/25 = 89
27/25/21 = 73
24/21/17 = 62
21/28/15 = 64
24/24/16 = 64
Total = 352

After watching Alvaro kill the back extensions I think I should have gone harder on them. But doing the SDHP after them was brutal!

Amazonbroad, 593 is insane! You know that 1.5 pood is 53 lbs, right? 😉

Jenni, most of us have ordered the lifting shoes from dynamic-eleiko dot com. Checkout the closeout shoes to possibly save some money.

Thanks Cory, I hope that volley ball was fun!

Brains couldn’t manage to remember the breakdown of each exercise, so I just have the totals for each round:
Total = 273 almost as rx’d
Even though I wanted to use the 14# WB, Rob advised me to change to 12# as it would allow me to do more reps. However, during the second or third round, balls got mixed up and I ended up with the 14# anyway. Had a lot of missed reps in each round!
Thanks Rob!

as rx’d 323

Playing catch up again. Did WOD Oct.7. Subbed 75 barbell for KB.
399 reps…quick slid after first 3 sets.

5 rounds
15 DB clean and press (20#/hand)
25 jumping pullups, with bar at wrist to start.
time 8:03.

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