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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Squats – 3 minutes AMRAP

3 rounds of:

15 Ring Dips


 25 Kettlebell Swings

 Coach’s notes:  Guys use 95 lbs and gals 65 for SDLHP and 1.5 pood and 1.0 pood for KB swings.  Post number of squats and time (excluding 3 minutes for squats) to comments.

Please note that CrossFit Kids Wednesday @ 4:30 class is postponed while awaiting minimum registration requirements, if interested, please contact Leighanne at optadmin@optimumtraining.ca


Comments: 7

45 65# Thrusters
45 Chin ups
Time = 5:47

Squats – 125
1.25 pood
95 lb SDLHP were the time killers on this one

as rx’d 154 Squats and 14:20

DJ-120/15:26 as rx’d
Brittany-118/16:XX (ring dip negatives)

103/16:57 as rx’d

I have a slight inkling that my squat number may be off……….. no telling what it really might be……..

Squats 119
14:46 used 1.25 pood and did ring dip lowers

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