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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

Coach’s notes:  Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Compare to April 2, 2009

Comments: 28

14 rounds
great workout. the push ups are killing me.

28 rounds, 5 pull ups and 4 push ups

14 rounds + 5 pull-ups (grn band assisted). First two rounds, push-ups from the toes then moved to the knees for the rest.

We both did 15 rounds plus pull ups, push ups and 13 squats
Adelle used the purple band and did the push ups from the knees.
Feeling pretty wiped…

As RX.

12 rounds plus 5 pull-ups & 6 Push-ups.

15 rounds as rx’d
holy – the pushups were the killer for me – pullups, squats unbroken, pushups ok for first few rounds then dropped to 5s, 3s & 2s even a few 1s by the end
Thanks Michelle! that was a great class!!! ps.. Audra, I KNEW you could do “cindy” as rx’d!! nice work!

12 rnds. girly push ups / blue band for pull ups

by the way…. Matt!!! “Cindy” was calling you!!!

6am with James-
13 rounds 2/3 . Push ups had to be feet together and obviously chest to floor or rep did not count. Thanks for the push Rob S.., and of course being the form police!!

15 rds as rx’d this am with James. Colin thanks for counting and keeping track of form – Elisabeth did notice that I had SOME “snaky”push ups (this means- my whole body would be on the floor – not just my chest and then I pushed up to full extension from that) so, perhaps these don’t count?
On the positive side, I think my pull ups are slowly getting better.

6am class.
13 rds. Pull ups were purple band assisted(2). Push ups for the first 5 or so rds were from toes but then switched to knees. Thanks Colin for keeping track of rds.

20 rounds

15 rds +28
Just missed 16…next time

15 rds

Thanks Brett

10 rounds. Blue band assist for the PU.
Suffered through the push ups.
Thanks Brett!

Worked on Power Cleans today 105/115/125/130(f) new PB. Great job to everyone in the 6pm class.

Neil – 11 rounds even, as RX’d this time, push ups did me in… last time was 12 and 5 with blue band assisted, so progress I guess…

15 + 5 + 3.
Nice comfortable pace throughout. Minimal pain factor on account of resting so much to be able maintain 4 + 3 + 3 pushups.

Also did an ugly ass bar muscleup during warm up, fun stuff.

26 rounds, with ten seconds to spare. Pushups done in 10s until round 9, then done 5-3-2 for the remainder. Squats and pullups always unbroken


As RX’d:

8 rounds + 4 pushups.

Wanted to see how I could do as RX’d. Can finally do kipping PU’s and did all pushups with proper form. Baby steps.

Great work everybody!

As rx’d 12 rounds plus 5 pullups


12 rds + 5 + 3
Used purple band for pull ups and did push ups from my toes.
I did two more rds than last time. My right shoulder has been really sore this week which made my push ups difficult (last 8 rds were 3/3/2/2 and some 1’s close to the end).


Push-ups are still a huge weakness!!

Sept. 2007 was 13+5+10
After 4 or 5 rounds push ups went to 4+2+2+2 or worse.
Squats were pretty steady but not zippy.
Pull-ups were easy.

14 rds in 18:44…should have squeezed in one more round / but just new to this….squats were what slowed me down…did them all unbrokens, just couldn’t get a speedy rhythm going…

As Rx’d (except deadhang PUs)
19 rounds + 4 Pullups
Need to invest in a studbar

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