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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Melissa - barbell front squat


1 round for time:


25        Pull-ups

10        Push-ups

20        Pull-ups

20        Push-ups

15        Pull-ups

30        Push-ups

10        Pull-ups

40        Push-ups

Coach’s notes:  For the pull-ups, kipping is the preferred type.  If you cannot kip, substitute a jumping pull-up.  If you choose a jumping variation, the bar should be at your maximum reach.  Meaning you will have to jump to grab the bar and then pull-up.  If you cannot do this, substitute an assisted variation using either machine or band assistance.  For the push-ups, as always, the chest must touch the floor on each rep and the arms must reach full extension, all while maintaining neutral posture.  Post time to comments.

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