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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2000 m Row

Coach’s notes:Β  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to June 15, 2010

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@ 6 am
Ring dips & L sits for practice
3 rnds for totals
1min wall balls,
R=#18. 16,15,16 A=#8 17,18,20
1min kbs
R=1.25p 20,19,19. A=1p 20,20,20
1min Russian step ups
R=25# 12,12,10. A=12.5# 6,10,10
1min row for calories
R13,12,12. A 8,8,10
R= 61,58,57. = 166
A= 51,56,60 = 167
tough one thanks Laura & Colin.

8:34.? at Damper 3

Happy with this row. Michelle, great coaching, the 3 second count really helped with pacing and thanks for the push at the end.

Great job everyone.

Colleen – 9:08 damper at 6 though, previous was 9:23 now that I look at my book and not 9:30. Thanks for the coaching Michelle and the push!

Just curious; what time on Thursday are Chelsea’s and Brett’s challenges taking place? I’d like to stop in and cheer you guys on! …and let’s face it, I want to see you suffer! πŸ™‚

Katrin it starts at 6pm, hopefully you will find it entertaining enough!

Awesome, thanks Chelsea.
Haha, I am sure it will be.
Seriously though, I really think it is amazing that you and Brett are willing to put yourselves through these awfully tough challenges for the project. It’s incredibly selfless! Hats off from me!

8:33 Thanks Michelle, great class!

Hey everyone, sorry for all of the confusion. Brett and I decided that we ARE going to do the burpee/rowing death WOD THIS THURSDAY starting at 6pm. Again the challenges ARE taking place this Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. Please come out and show your “support”.

Did Rhiannon as rx’d 549, shoulders are still smoked from Sunday. Want to break 600 next time. Thanks Erin.

Thank you, Michelle – terrific coaching tips.

First time doing the 2000m
Time: 8:04.08
Thanks for the support everyone.

7:11.3 with fairly even splitting the whole way through: 1:48.0/1:48.1/1:48.7/148.6/145.5

great coaching Michelle, and great work 6pm class!

Did Saturday’s WOD at home and posted there.

Possibly my slowest 2000 m ever.
A physical, mental and strategic failure.
My legs usually start to burn about 800 to 1200 m in. This time they started burning after 200 m. I backed off too much. For the last 200 m I had way too much jam left.

7.15.1 – PR by 6 seconds.
kinda let it slip in the middle, 1.46/1.49.3/1.50.1/1.51.7/1.46.6. Thanks for the encouragement michelle.

Did back squats
95×10/125×10/145×8/165×6/175×3/185×3 PR/200×2 PR/205×1 PR/210×1 PR/215×1 PR
I guess I should be happy even though around 300 would be more normal. Still weak but going in the right direction

7:48.9 PR by 9.3 seconds Still hacking like a smoker!
Thanks for the push Michelle! Great job to everyone in the 5 pm class!

8:22 blaghh (last time 8:17)- I started off way too slow and just kept going that way…I need to pull up my socks- my times as of late have been terrible.

Thanks Michelle for the super coaching and nice times above- Kimmer and Yaz woohoo!

You too David- woohoo!

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