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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Back Squat  1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Post load for each set to comments.

Compare to May 12, 2009

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Comments: 26

6am class
5 rnds;
AMRAP 30s Chin Ups (blue band); 30s rest
Row for cal 60s; 120s rest
CU – 11/10/8/8/8
Row – 10/10/11/14/11
Total – 101
Team Palm Rippers 🙂 Total – 183

3 rnds;
15 push ups (negative down, up on knees); 60s rest
20 GHD sit ups; 60s rest
1 db hang clean; 8 db front squats w. 15#; 60s rest

Way to be true to our team name, Alona! Fun class.

Worked up to 114#…need more depth

Good luck to all the competitors this week-end. Have fun!


Thank you Michelle for a great class.

see Amy’s… 6 am
Part 1) not sure my individual total approx. 15/13/12/11/11 chinups row 12’s
Total with Meridith: 254! Thanks Meridith!!

Part 2) 15 pushups, 20 GHD, DB clean and squats 25,30,35 lbs
Fun class!!! Thanks James & Colin! great work everyone!
Sorry I missed your class Michelle – so wanted to try working on back squats!

6am class. See Amy’s post-Thank you:)

1) Team Kanita: Only kept track of team score
Chin ups – Total 82
Row – Total Calories 127
Total: 209

2) 3 rnds
15 Push ups (Down from toes but up from knees)
20 GHD sit ups – still can not do b/c of back issues so used ab mat.
8 DB squats – rnd 1-20lbs, rnd 2- 25lbs, rnd 3-30lbs

Enjoyed this workout! Thanks for being such a motivating partner Katie:)
Thanks Coaches!

Thanks for posting for us Anita! You are getting stronger everyday and were the motivating one today so, thank you!
Thanks James for another good class.
Oh, db front squats rd1-30lbs/rd2-35lbs/rd3-35lbs
today my top rep for pull ups was 9 and then it went down from there.

6am class: as per Amy’s description above
elis: pull ups 16/16/13/13/14
tracy: pull ups17/15/16/17/13 blue band assisted
total pull ups= 150
row total cals= 119
Total team 6am extreme= 269

front squat 25/30/35#

Was really hoping to break into the 3’s – next time

20lbs off PR, hammys and hip flexors were real tight, couldnt get them loosened up.

Anita – I totally agree with Katie that you are getting stronger everyday!!! keep up the great work – and nice job on the chinups katie!!! that’s awesome!


What a difference form makes!!!! Will push to get close to 300 next time for sure!!

Thank you DJ!!!!


235 felt so light but 255 was too much.

105/115/125/135/145/155/165 (fx2)/160 (fx1)

a new PR for me! 🙂

200lbs… new PR by 12.5 lbs… didn’t have time to get to a failed rep but the 200 was a good battle so i was getting close. thanks DJ!

100 lbs
Not even close to my max
Worked on low back squat technique and starting to get it.

175/195/205/225/235/250 PR by 25#

215…Thanks Chantal for the workout!

6am – as per Amy’s description. Just wanted to comment on how fun it is to have your callouses torn off during a work out. How ironic too that our team name for this moring was “Palm rippers.” Ha ha, actually, I wasn’t laughing each time I had to wash my hands!! Anyhow, great workout folks!

I like low back squat! 95/115/125/135/145/155/160f considering my max last time was 115, I was super happy! Thanks for the tips DJ

Did BS yesterday, so practiced snatch and did deadlifts.
Snatch for like 15 mins with 65 lb for practice, then 85/95/105.
DLx1, 255/275/285/290/295xF, 5 lb PR. Not bad, considering 225 felt heavy tonight.

made 345 failed at 350

worked up to 205#. Failed at 210

185, after being off for 2+ weeks, thanks and great work Erin!

Neil 205 failed at 215 came down hard into squat and dumped, bleh…

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