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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Complete 6 rounds for load(s) and time(s) of:

10 Dumbbell Thrusters
15 Cal Row/Bike/Ski
30s L-sit
Rest 2:00

TT WOD – Oly

A.  High Hang Muscle Snatch/Snatch Grip BTN Push Press – 3/3 X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s

B.  Hang (above knee) Snatch Shrug/Hang Snatch High Elbows/Hang Power Snatch (paused catch) – 4/4/4 X 5-7 sets, rest 90-120s

C.  Paused (3s) Overhead Squat – 3 reps X 5 sets, rest 90-120s

Coach’s notes:

Post loads and times for each set and total working time to comments.

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Comments: 10

I just want to be the first to comment on what a great picture that is. Amazing guy. Fist bump Mark. You’re killing the smile and look handsome in a picture WOD.

He is a handsome lad! 😉

Agreed! Mark’s smile warms us all.

WOD: 21:55 total for 6 rounds including rest. Used 40# and the assault bike. L-sits were a hybrid of perfect form straight legs followed by anything I couls do to keep my legs from touching the ground, which was simply unavoidable at times.

Thanks for assaulting me on the assault bike Nat. Really appreciate the “go faster” on the last round.

Great job Jeremy, mucho handsome Mark!!

About 25:30, I think.
1:15 to get 15 cals
10/12.5/12.5/15/15/15 – could have added not as much as 5 but 17.5 was in use
Could hold “h-sit” for whole 30 sec most rounds. Felt better in later rounds using DBs on each box as easier to lock arms/elbows gripping DB rather pushing against box.

Thanks, Derek – great first official class!

Humble 🥧

1: 2:45 – 45(10) – Ski – Paralettes (3 sets)
2: 3:20 – 50(10) – Bike – Paralettes (5 sets)
3: 4:45 – 55(5/3/2) – Ski – Box (lots)
4: 4:51 – 55(6/3/1) – Bike – Box (lots)
3 min rest – Breanna was using the 55’s
5: 5:00 – 55(3/2) – Ski – Box (4 sets)
Only did 5 rounds and only 5 DB Thruster in last round. Toast.

Nice work with the 60’s Breanna!
Great job 6pm.

26 something total time..
Did 3 rounds at 50# think these were all unbroken
3 rounds at 55#, 8/2 except the last round I had to break up 4/2/2/2
Rowed cals ~42-47 secs per round
Something in between an l sit and h sit from the box, broke up in 3 sets, last round I did h sit unbroken

A) up to 115
B) up to 155
C) up to 235
Thanks Brett!

A. Up to 75
B. Up to 95
C. Up to 115
Fun class, with another big crowd.
Thanks Brett!


Funny how some WODs you feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re done; other make you feel like your soul was sucked out of your eyes… this one was a soul sucker.

R1: 50# (unbroken), ski erg, unbroken L-sit on parallettes. 1:54

R2: 55# (unbroken), row erg, broken L-sit (on parallettes) into 10 sec with rest as needed usually 5 secs. 6:15

R3: 60# (unbroken), bike erg, broken L-sit (on parallettes) into 10 sec with rest as needed usually 5 secs: 10:30

R4: 60# (unbroken), ski erg, broken L-sit (on parallettes) into 10 sec with rest as needed usually 5-10 secs: 15:20

R5: 70# (huge mistake. Had to break up the reps into 4/1/2/2/1), row erg, broken L-sit (on parallettes) into 5 sec with rest as needed usually 5 secs. 21:40

R6: 60# (unbroken), bike erg, broken L-sit (on parallettes) into 15 sec 5 secs rest. 26:15

Moving up to 70# was a big mistake. t was like an anchor that dragged the rest of the WOD down. Looking back I think I should have just done the whole WOD at 60# and tried to keep my speed up.

Moving from one erg to another was awesome.

The L-sit broke down quickly. It was less a pain in my core and more of a pain in my shoulders and arms. I found I got to a point where I was numb and I just keep you legs elevated and I could ignore the pain.

Awesome WOD! Thanks Nat! Great work 10am!


A: 45/75/85/100/110/120
Working on flexing my butt hard on the muscle snatch to get full extensions and being fast and “punchy” with the push press

B: 45/75/95/115/115
This one added up quickly. My grip started to go at 115# and I had to regroup the bar in my hips for the power snatches

C: 95/115/135/145/155/165
I power snatched until I got to 145 then took the bat from the rack for 155 and 165. Really happy with these as they were the heaviest I’ve every OHS and I still feel like I got more in me.

Thanks Brett! Great jog 7pm.

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