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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Brett, James and Trevor



21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:

225 # Dead Lift



Coach’s notes:  This is a CF benchmark workout.  Choose a DL weight that you can use comfortably for reps with perfect form for 10 reps.   Perform handstand holds for 42/30/18 sec per round respectively.   If you`re not comfortable at HSPU’s (Handstand Push Ups) yet try elevated push ups with feet higher than hips and nose to carpet. Keep back tight and weight on heels on dead lift. Post time of completion and comments/experiences to comments.

Comments: 1

I did the other website’s WOD from 3/4 days ago…oh well, better late than never. I think it was “Nancy” – 5 rounds of 400 m run & 95# (as if) OH squats. I scaled back to 30# for those bad boys…total time was 15:54

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