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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1 Round for time:


100 Walking Lunges

75 Ball Slams

50 Box Jumps, 24 inch

25 Pull-ups

50 Push-ups

75 Sit-ups

100 Squats


Coach’s notes: Guys use 20 and gals 14 lbs for the ball slams.  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to March 9, 2009

Comments: 25

4 rnds;
0.7 pood
30 KB lunges
30 KB cleans
30 KB swings

effin’ OUCH!

ball slams were wonky. dynamax balls are too bouncy; will use the blue fitterfirst med ball next time.
Thanks so much Michelle!!

6 a.m.
Rick with 1 pd
30 KB walking Lunges
30 KB swings
30 KB Hang squat cleans

Adelle with 0.7 pd 4 rounds, 34:+ minutes. Closest to puking in class so far for me.
Thanks for the encouragement Rob, I could never have done it without someone keeping me going. Probably the hardest WOD so in the past 2 years.

21:22 as required

Started with 5-5-5-5-5 back squat at 80% of 1rm(245lb) then 17:34 as rx’d. Legs are now peaced out
PS – Go Riders!!!!

6am class:
5 rounds with 1 pd KB:
30 walking lunges with 1 KB, 30 KBSwings, 30 KB squat cleans
Time- 28:30, quite brutal, but thanks james, Rob and COlin.

21:25 as Rx’d

32:34 as RX’d.

subbed back ext for box jump
mistakenly did 25 pushups before pullups and then did another 25 after instead of the 50 in a row.
First time doing a squaty/lungie workout since trying to heel knee

Used 20″ box, 12# med ball (use 14 next time) for BS, push ups from toes, chin to bar pull ups (no band), anchored sit ups.
Push ups were really hard. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my chest to touch the floor properly.

As rx’d 19:07, did abmat sit-ups. Push-ups were pretty slow. Did Fran this morning at training 5:30 as rx’d, new PR. Great job everyone in the 6pm class.

22:20 as rx’ed

25.18 as Rx’d

26:15 as rx’d

Neil as rx’d 29:10
Judy 33:55 – blue band pullups, push ups from knees, 20″ box(whatever the wooden boxes are), 8lb med ball (definately go to 12 lbs next time)-tough WOD

6 am
5 rounds with 1 pd KB
(see above) ugh – this was brutal!! thanks James, Colin (I needed your pushing!!) and Rob
33:40?? I think .. 32:24 plus whatever time the clock was re-started
Thanks again (I think!) nice work everyone!

Great showing tonight everyone, good to see so many people out. Some comments were made tonight that not as many people were here over the last few days when we were doing strength. On that note, look at the members who attended and lifted well on those days and how their times compared to others and then think hard about attending next time we lift.

22:09 as rx’d…Chantal you were in the 21 range werent you unless I read the clock wrong for my time

I loved this workout – it was just what I needed today. 22:58 as rx’d Thanks Michelle and Brett- I have never seen anyone do walking lunges that fast!

Oh dear, I can’t remember if I did 75 or 100 sit ups..oops.

18:56 as rx’d.

PR by 2:44, but I still feel like I broke stuff up more than I should have. In particular I felt I was slacking for the sit-ups and squats compared to the last Angie.

21:48 Box jumps used 20inch. Pull ups were strict, no kipping, but used 2 purple bands. Should have only used one band. Everything else as rx’d. Thanks Michelle and Brett for the push! It really does help.

After assuming my post WOD position (flat on the floor) I remembered to look at my time. 26:20. Wooden box jumps, ball smash as RX’s, purple band pull ups, girlie push ups, Ab matt sit ups. I would have definately slowed my squats had cory not been helping me push through them. You are the best! Thanks all for encouragement. Great class!

You were lying on the floor longer than you realized Jenni! Your time was actually 25:41.

Pull-ups were partially assisted. Shoulder coming around well.
Rest as rx’d.

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