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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Michelle's back squat


For time;

2K Row (7)

Coach’s notes:

A great power measure and bench mark workout.  7 is the damper on the rower, will explain another time.  Try to get to a facility to attempt this if you do not have a rower, it is well worth it, or get one for yourself – D model at http://www.concept2.com/ – best investment you’ll make for home gym EVER!

This requires an aggressive warm up, get strapped in and “give ‘er”; if first time set your benchmark on this one today!

Post time and strokes/minute average as well as your experience on this WOD

If ABSOLUTELY no chance of getting to a rower, run 2K as fast as you can!!!


Comments: 5

Today is make up your own workout day!!

Great idea!! I am thinking that I will buy my husband a Concept 2 rower for my, I mean HIS birthday!!!

As rx’d…can hardly wait to find out why the damper is set at 7. Anyway, time was 9:04 & strokes/min were 35 as a benchmark.

Time: 8:32
Damper at 7-would prefer it at 8 for next time.

Completed this after brutal 1 mile run and before alternating double tabata of k2E and Push press at Crossfit Sunday class.

Time: 9:02 / damper @ 7 / strokes avg 35 (start low 40’s, end low 30’s) / last 250 mark tough
Done Nov. 18 after the 1 mile run & tabata (K2E & push-press).
Felt like a million bucks afterwards….really… that is what I was feeling as I lay on the ground doing the well-known crossfit dance!

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