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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1 round for time:

Row 250 m

21 Bench Press

Row 500 m

15 Bench Press

Row 750 m

9 Bench Press

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 135 lbs and gals 85 lbs for bench press.  Post time to complete to comments. 

Compare to March 18, 2010 

CFC Member Shout Out!
We want to recognize Colleen Y for the hard work, dedication and drive that she brings everyday to her WODs. A recent example of this occurred on a 5 round-rowing and T2B WOD. Pre-wod, she didn’t have her toes all the way to the bar but she didn’t give up or even consider scaling. She attacked every single T2B with 100 percent effort and was grinding out her rounds. By R3 she started hitting the bar and just kept knocking them out-one after another. Congrats Colleen–your perseverance and incredible determination make you a formidable CrossFitter and fun to Coach!

Coach Chantal

Comments: 21

Scaled for comfort! 🙂
85 Ibs.
Time: 11:04

Keep up the great work Colleen. Keep grinding them out
The Old Guy

11:04 using 70lbs

Scaled for unfortunate genetic heritage.
95 lbs.
BP: 11+6+4/6+5+4/9

Additional note:
Experimented with AMRAP bench press 45 lbs. like we did April 26th.
In April I followed the recommended strategy of going like stink – did 41 reps.
Today I went slower but steady – did 60 reps.

About 12 minutes using 65lbs.
Great class at 6 – it was packed, but we managed somehow.
Thanks to Don, Audra, Gina and everyone for all the encouragement, didn’t even notice that there was no music.

Dropped in at Crossfit Cochrane tonight.
Worked up to a 92.5# 1RM Clean & Jerk (split).
Had a great time. Thanks a bunch Mike!

21×115, 7×115 & 8×105, 9×105. Totally done after doing 115 and couldn’t lock out a lot of the reps.

7:47 which is 8 second better than last time
still need to hold the time a bit better on the last row 750 m. Time was bouncing between 1:50 and 2:00. should aim for 7:30 next time

Not a good time but I am happy with my scaled weight at 65. 19:36.

This thing is funky tonight (webpage). Not happy with my 19:36 time but I am happy with the scaled weight of 65 lbs. Good to see everyone!

14:09 – first time finishing a workout as Rx’d.

Thanks Brett!

rows need to be
152 pace
broke the 15 at 9

Familiar face on the Crossfit main page today.
Nice form coach!!

Neil 115 lbs – rows :47.9/1:56.3/3:09.7 – no idea of total time
Judy – replaced bench press with pushups 30/20/15
rows 1:02.5/2:13.5/3:25.6 – no idea of total time.

It was anything but pretty but done as rx’d….thanks a million to KP, Adelle, and Gina! I think it was 16 mins(yuck~!!)

could fit this in due to equipment shortage.

Did :

3 rounds:
50 x 18″ box jumps
40 x anchored sit-ups
30 x ball slams
20 x jumpless burpees


No clue what my time was – no worries – fun class! as rx’d
Nice job Aud! knew you could do it! Erin, Chantal – thanks great job too! Adelle, nice to see you – its been a while! hope to see you again soon.

Thanks Brett, a little crazy with so many people but great class!

Oh yes, keep up the great work Colleen!

As rx’d 23 min

9:17 or 9:27 as RX’d.

Thanks Hughie for the encouragement and thanks Brett!!

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