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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five rounds for time:


Run 400m

AMRAP Shoulder Press


Coach’s notes: AMRAP stands for as many reps as possible. Guys use 65 lbs and gals 45 lbs. Post total time and total reps for the press

Compare to August 29, 2009

Comments: 34

Rick as rx’d 49 reps 14:20
Adelle as rx’d 56 reps 15:43
Great class today – it was nice to have such a great turnout this morning. Thanks Ali. Yummy protien bars Colin!

okay Krista 91 is not humanly possible unless of course you are not human. That was impressive.
as for this human: As Rxd: 53 (20 which preciptiously dropped to 10 by next round then /8/7/8). Total Time: 11:41
There isn’t a recovery bar out there that remotely comes close to yours Colin. Let me know when you plan to go public, I would like to own shares…..
Thanks Ali, that was a fun WOD.

Did AMRAP switch lunges due to shoulder
32/22/23/17/28 = 122
thanks for tweaking the WOD Ali!

As rx’d 42 reps and about 16 min.
Someone really needs to tell me when to stop when there is running involved, I did an extra round of running again!
I want some bar too!! Thanks Colin and Ali!

Haven’t been to a 6 am in ages!!! FUN group!! haha Keith i need your speed!! I’m laughing cause you lapped me in the runs!!! I must have been doing the old lady shuffle 🙂 91 as rx’d (30/20/13/15/13) thanks Ali!! Thanks Colin!! Much appreciate the “you got one more!” pushes! And the yummy bars!! Fun class!! Thank you!!

13:42 with 60 reps as rx’d.

That was a fun work out for 6am…

17:21 & 53 reps as rx’d
Also, should add 3 seconds for my cheating head start 🙂
Thanks Michelle, great class everybody at 9:30!

Did this WOD at the Y
15:19 15/12/10/8/8 = 53 reps

14:52 as rx’d
thanks michelle

As rx’d. 13:40 with 54 reps

15:55 with 72 reps (24/15/11/12/10)
Two movements I loooooove (insert sarcasm here) so forced myself to do this WOD.
Fun times
Thanks Michelle!

17 minutes as rx’d with 38 reps
Should have pushed myself more on the reps.
Thanks Michelle!!!

As rx’d
48 reps.

13:03, 92 reps
Great class Brett, nice work 5pm’ers!

Scaled to #32
50 reps
My first time at the super early 5pm class – you guys are fun! Thanks, Brett!

As Rxd 13:17
15/10/10/10/11 : 56

Joanne:14:53 scaled to 35# 49 reps
Danielle:16:21 scaled to 33# 55 reps
Thanks Brett!

As Rx’d
47 reps

As rx’d: 13:13

16/7/6/5/3 – serious fade

Only 37 reps – have done more in the past and expected to break 50 tonight but arms and shoulders were burned from last night. Doing 100 OHS from the floor in sets of 4 meant doing 25 cleans and push presses.

As rx’d 15:02
17/12/10/10/10 = 59

as rx’d @6am
16 min. 15/15/10/10/9=59 reps.

Great class!
Thanks Ali and Colin.

as rx’d.

12:49 and 57 reps, wanted 15 per set, first round a little too conservative and wish I took a little more time.

Thanks Brett.

As rx’d 15:20
Erin you were awesome, way to go!!
Thanks Brett, great class, great coaching!

32/15/15/12/17 as rx’d, Roughly 16 mins, took a bit more rest between the run and SP. Thanks for a fun class Brett! Krista nice work!

Whoops clicked submit too soon. 91 reps total.
Thanks Anita…it was good being the caboose tonight 🙂

as rx’d 23/21/15/17/16 – 92 total, 19 and something total time.

14:08 with 64 reps at Rx’d.

13:47 48 reps as rx’d

As rx’d 14:55 and 40 reps (15/8/6/6/5)
Thanks Brett!

Oops forgot to put time in … Probably cause forgot to look but I was at least 16 going by Adelle’s time (she was ahead of me in last run)

73 reps
18:25 (Jogged the runs, trying for more reps)

As rx’d 13:43, 106 reps, 33/21/20/17/15

14:10 & 53 shoulder presses

15:45 & 82 shoulder press

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