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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1 Round for time:


30 DB cleans

400m run

30 Pull-ups

30 Burpies

400m row

30 OH Walking Lunges

30 DB Push Jerk

400m run

30 Box Jumps


Coach’s notes:  Guys use 40# DB’s for cleans and push jerk and gals use 25#.  Guys use 45# plate overhead for lunges and gals 25# and guys use 24” for box jumps, gals 20”.  Post time to complete to comments.

Comments: 15

This one looked good! My finger still too /bruised swollen to grip bar, DB – did 400/800/1600 m runs (1:49,3:4?, & 8:??) stopwatch on phone interrupted
Thanks Kris!

28:51 As rx’d, mostly…Push Jerk was really Push Press – just couldn’t get my brain around the movement today. Thanks for the help, Kris

Oh, and the pull-ups were band-assisted…

25:24- 20# DB’s, purple band pullups.
Thanks Kris

Used 30# Dumbells
Used 35# Plate for Walking Lunges
24″ Box Jumps

Form is coming along slowly….

Thanks Kris.

I have no legs for today!!

As prescribed except used 25 lbs. for push jerks.
Cleans with 40 lbs. DBs put the puke-o-meter needle into the orange zone right off the bat. Spent the rest of the workout coaxing it back into the yellow. Burpies were just plain sad and lived up to their name. Vultures were circling during my final 400 m run. Walking lunges and box jumps were not too bad for some reason.

19:25 modified wod to 20 reps. Used 25# for first 10 reps and 20# for second 10 reps. I’m sure there were many of you in the 7:00pm class that wondered how I finished so fast.
I’m on a 2 month plan with my Naturopath to relieve adrenal stress. My wod’s will be modified until the end of July.

as Rx’d 19:40 Michelle as usual thanks for the great class and coaching

23:36 as rx’d. Thanks Michelle! Nice work in the 7 pm class!

26:13 I used blue band for the pull ups and I used 20 lbs for the dB’s. Should have done purple band and tried the 25s. Next time. Definitely well done everyone.

Rx’d 24:54

HI Michelle,
If you don’t mind- could you please contact me by email? Thanks (it’s Nancy- using Kelly’s log in- please contact me at nfarries@calgary.ymca.ca).

21:11 Did the first 10 pull ups strict and unassisted then used blue band for the last 20. Also used 20lb DB. Should have pushed myself harder and used the 25. Thanks Michelle, great coaching.

As rx’d 21:07 Thanks for the great coaching Michelle!

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