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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 rounds for time:

10 Hang Power Cleans 135#/95#

5 Front Squat 135#/95#

20 Switch Lunges (10/side)

Rest 90 seconds

Coachโ€™s notes : Post time per round and total working time to comments.

Compare to February 17, 2011

Comments: 27

Fashion god or fashion criminal….umhhhh???

Rick with 95#
Adelle with 42#
this was a tough one so early in the morning. They say clothes make the man “old guy”. I thought that photo had been archived…
Thanks Ali. Great work Olga!

52#…warmed up with 62# and it felt like poo (nothing like rhyming your workout details). Probably should have stuck with 62# in the end.
0:58/1:03/1:03/1:00/1:03/0:57, total 13:16
Perhaps it would have been faster if I had pink socks.
Great work today Olga!!
Thanks Ali & Colin

Oh, and thanks again for letting me steal your red band this morning Ashley ๐Ÿ˜€ And what a mean little band it was.

1:12/1:00/1:19/:1:07/1:16/1:51> 15:03 total
That was fun! Heavier next time. Thanks for the friendly competition Ash, we were so close!
Thanks Ali & Colin!

1:22/1:10/1:19/1:16/1:15/1:10 total 15:02
Heavier next time, didnt realize my right shoulder still hurt from Friday until I was warming up.
It was a mean little band I was glad to give it up!
Thanks Ali and Colin

Hey 9:30ers…didn’t read brett’s post from last time until now and I see that it should have been hang power cleans!!! Sorry…(hehe) Really I am… I’m being very sincere here…;)
Colin…Those pink lifting socks have never looked better on anyone!!!

Gee thanks Michelle! We trust your sincerity, really we do ๐Ÿ˜‰ But your forgiven anyway, it was a good push.

60# with FULL SQUAT, thanks to Michelle.
2:07/ 2:23/ 2:49/ 2:37/ 2:53/ 2:42 = 15:31

Thanks Michelle!

Whoops realized I was supposed to include te breaks in the total! 23:02 is the correct time, thought it sounded too good to be true!

75 lbs – did squat cleans, thanks michelle, i will be going down my stairs in a laundry basket for the next few days.
2:00/2:24/2:36/2:49/3:04- total time = 22:44
challenging weight for me, reflected in the round time.
fun 9:30 class, thanks michelle (i think).

as rx’d *going from memory my sheet is in my gymbag* and for some reason I think Michelle is going to be giggling all day
1:21/1:28/1:48/1:47/2:15/2:56 *not sure if the last time I did this wod I did full squat cleans or not but my last round(s) was certainly slow comparing times* dropped cleans round 4 (5,5) dropped pretty much every rep for rounds 5,6
this one hurts – but I loved it! THANK YOU Michelle!!! great job 9:30ers!!!

6:00amers were awesome especially Char and Ashley with the “jazz hands” during the switch lunges.

as rx’d. Everything was broken except squats and 1st set of jump squats:
Times: 1:24/1:34/2:03/1:50/2:30/last one forgot to look (I was just happy to stop — it had to be longer than 3:00 as I did all 10 cleans one at a time). Thanks for tips Ali & Colin.

Work Gym.
1:05/1:08/1:45/1:55/1:45/1:52 = 9:30
Switch lunges were killer.
Broke cleans after 2nd round.

As rx’d-49,45,44,43,43,42

65lbs – 1:23/1:09/1:39 (here is where the switch lunges got really difficult)/1:35/1:39/1;38 = 9:03
Thanks Laura for pushing me to do 65lbs, great coaching!!

as rx’d w/ hang squat clean – 1:34, 1:42, 1:47, 2:07, 2:53, 2:25 (5 and 6 felt really hard)

105 lbs.
First workout after a week off.
Lasted three rounds of about 2:30 each. Felt like I was doing more harm than good.
When I work out regularly my muscles ache. When I take more than a day or two off my joints ache.

As rx’d 1.22/1.30/1.55/1.54/2.17/2.14
Total 11.12


17:17 total with breaks…so 9:47

as rx’d – 1:37/2:05/2:18/2:17/2:20/2:03
Last time did this with 75
Front squats were tough.
Thanks Laura!

:49/:49/:57/1:06/1:25/1:44… as rx’d except my switch lunges were stationary walking lunges mixed with a little jumping…switch lunges were my road block from round 1..yuck…HPC and FS felt great!

Thanks Laura for the great class as always.

Wasn’t really into it last night, body was tired from my “rest” days. Once I was able to get my form right I was able to drop the time. I should have kept the weight as rx’d but talked myself out of it… ended up at 115lbs. 1:48/1:50/1:34/1:14/1:20/1:22, all lunges except first round were walking. Thanks Laura!

42 lbs; switch lunges were hard…
Thanks Laura!

Scaled to 115 @ 18:24 total

48/51/1:01/51/58/50 as rx’d. Did with hang squat cleans. Had some issues with the catch on the bottom on a couple of rounds

Thank you Adelle for pushing me on this one.
Thanks Ali and Colin!

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