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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A1.  Weighted Strict Pull Up – 5 reps x 5  sets @ 3010, rest 0 seconds

A2.  Kipping Pull Up  – AMRAP x 5 sets, rest 0 seconds

A3.  Box Jumps – 25 reps x 5 sets, rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for A1 and reps for A2.  Guys use 24″ and gals 20″ for box jumps. 

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At 6 a.m.
100 metres of broad jumps for total (mine was 55 ick) then using that number complete the following for time:
55 Double Unders
55 jumping chin ups
55 DU
55 Box jumps 20 inches
55 DU
55 ring push ups from knees
55 DU
55 calorie row
26:06 This was really tough, my legs were totally shaking after the row. Thanks Colin and DJ, good work everyone.

well i hit muscle failure on the weighted pull-ups pretty quickly… no surprise there!
10# x5, 19
12.5# x3, 13
10# x3, 11
7.5# x1, 11
BW x 4, 11
(box jumps to 24″)

Strict Pull Up scaled with purple band and Kipping scaled with blue band.

1. 0ibs and 8 pull ups
2. 0ibs and 10
3. 5ibs and 9
4. 7ibs and 8
5. 10ibs and 10

Box jumps 20″

15#x5, 11
20#x5 (2 kipped), 7
15#x4, 6
12.5×5, 4
12.5×2, 2 BW (almost!!!2), 4
*box jumps as rx’d*
arms DONE!!!
Thanks Michelle !!! You are great for helping with weights! Great class

Ok, looking at my AMRAP pullups… Kind of pathetic when I think about it!
But again fun wod as always!

Neil – Strict Pullups 10lbs – 5/5/5/4/4
Kipping Pullups – 6/6/7/6/5
Box jumps as rx’d
Judy – Strict Pullups 3/5/5/5/4 (two purple bands for rd 1 and then one blue for rest)
Kipping Pullups – 5/5/5/6/5 blue band
Box jumps as rx’d

10 lbsX5 – 15
12.5 lbsX5 – 8
12.5 lbs.X4 – 4
BWX5 – 4

Times for each round w/o rest (to make sure I didn’t slack on box jumps)

Forgot to post last round of PU
5 lbs.X4 – 4

Strict PU: 5/5/5/5/5 used purple band for first 2 rounds. Then tried blue band but too easy. Then double purple band but still a little too easy. Michelle suggested double purple with 5 lbs. Perhaps I should have stayed with single purple but I noticed I kip a little to get started.

Kipping PU: 6/5/5/4/3 the last set felt ugly and not much left in arms.

Strict: body weigh x 5 / 5 pounds x 5/ 5 pounds x 3/ body weight x 3/ body weight x 2
as rx’d with too much rest

great wod today, thanks Michelle for the coaching and the feedback (always welcome)!

Should anyone be feeling low about pull ups, my post should make you feel better..
strict PU: 5/3-this was done with 5lbs/4/3/4 – fought for every single one!
kipping (now this IS embarrasing): 3/3/0 yes it’s true – a bunch of attempts but could not get over bar!/1/0
I know what I need to do..

OOPS, forgot to thank you Michelle for helping me with the _____raises (can’t remember what they’re called) and for the great coaching!

(Did 400m row + 25 box Jumps (24″) + 3min rest)x5 rounds

close grip BP 235#’s
Row 500 1:38??

Strict Pull Ups: 4.5/4.5/3.25/2.75/2.5
Kipping Pull Ups: 8/7/9/8/6

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