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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

As many reps in 5 minutes:

DB Squat Clean and Jerk

Row as many calories in 5:00

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 45 lbs per hand and gals use 30 lbs per hand.  Cleans must be full squat catch.  There is no break between exercises.  Post number of clean and jerk reps and total calories in row to comments.

Comments: 12

is this a hang squat clean?

At 6 a.m.
Rnds in 8 mins of:
20 SDLHP with KB A25, R35
20 Push-ups Afrom Knees
20 Double Unders

4 minute rest (always beware of rest time)
20 foward lunges
20 sit-ups with med ball A14, R20
20 Double Unders

4 minutes rest (see above)
5 burpees
10 Box Jumps
15 Double Unders

4 minutes rest
10 squats
10 KB swings same weight
10 Double Unders

R= 20.4
A= 21
Does this look like a lot of stuff… it was very challenging, everyone worked really hard! Thanks James/Rob

Start the clean and jerk from “the floor” which is mid-shin. If you wish you can take it off the floor (literally). In other words take it off the floor or from as high as mid-shin, but not higher.

Neil 35# DB – 31; Row 81 cal
Judy 20 # DB – 21; Row 64 cal

37 @ 45#, row 93 cals. Had a mental midget day. Got caught up in the weight and numbers instead of just working hard. Didnt push the cleans and lost pace on the row. Just have more in the tank for tomorrow

20 + 79 = 99… no pop today, just couldnt get the clean and jerks going

oh, and scaled to 30lbs

35# DB – 28
Row Cals – 74

Speaking of low energy, I barely hauled myself in to class today…

22 C+J at 40# (probably should have done 35#, I was losing the weight forward on the cleans)
110 calories on the row (wasted some time trying to adjust my damper while rowing)

75 SCJ, 80 calories

33, 97 calories. #35 pounds, boo.

Countdown to muscle up: 27 days.

Life got in the way of WOD, so I tried tabata cycling intervals on my commute home from work. Was a really good workout, not surprising since the Tabata protocol was initially studied/tested on cyclists.

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