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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



7 rounds for load:

Hang Snatch
Snatch Balance
Repeat 10 times

Coach’s notes:  For this workout start at an easy snatch weight.  Take the bar from a hang above the knee and snatch the weight overhead.  Instead of lowering back to the front, lower the bar to the back.  From here, snatch balance the bar.  From the bottom of the snatch balance stand with the bar in the overhead squat and then lower the bar down to the front, BUT do not let the bar touch the floor.  Take it from the hang again and repeat 10 times.  Once all 10 sets of hang snatch and snatch balance are complete, THEN lower the bar to the floor.  You can rest as much as needed during the set as long as the bar does not touch the ground (“Bear” style) and as much as needed between sets.  Increase the load each round and post highest load reached to comments.

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Comments: 9

22lbs(bar), 32lbs, 37lbs, 42lbs, 47lbs, 52lbs, 57lbs, failed on the last set on the 4th rep, but tried again and got it!!
Thanks Brett, that was a fun workout!

60 – stuck in squat at #6
50 – stuck in squat at #3

45/55/65/70/75. Tried 80 and failed after 2 reps in the snatch balance.
Post: 91lb snatch x 3
bwt – 158lb

22×10, 44×10, 54×10, 59×4 then failed at bottom of snatch balance, 59×10, 64×10
Really enjoyed this one, thanks Brett!

As Rx’d 5 rounds (4th round dropped weights at 7th rep started again!) last weight was 85 lbs ran out of time could have done more. Can’t wait until the Bear shows up again. Great class Brett.

61/71/88/98/114 as Rx’d
Attempted 138 and failed on the very last snatch balance!

WOD in class
21, 26, 31, 36, 36, 41
completed all. Did 36 lbs twice as I was slightly unsteady in the snatch balance squats… more just a concentration thing than a weight issue. The we ran out of time.

Loved this WOD, although I completed only with a broomstick (no comments pls) and snuck in the 22lb bar for the last round.

Cant wait to add some weight when I stage my ‘comeback in July’…


I think the small bar was 22#

This would mean:
27#, 27#, 32#, 32#, 37#, 42#, 42#

This was another very tough workout for me, but excellent chance to get some technical instruction on these challenging movements.

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