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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


1 mile run

50 Wallballs

50 Box Jumps

50 Push-Up Burpies

1 mile run

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20lb for wallballs and gals 12lb.  Box jumps are to 20 inches and push-up burpies are chest to deck and jump at top.  Post time to complete to comments.

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The heaviest ball the Y has is 17.6lbs. Completed in 30 mins. It felt like I went quicker.

Fractioned the wallballs, box jumps, burpees & even the last mile…I don’t know if there was lactic acid building but that last mile was very tough…had to take 30 sec breaks.

So total time (give or take as my stopwatch stopped at the wrong time) was 39:00 or so.

wow, hard workout!
jay 27:30ish
mando 29:22

Oops, second time trying to post. Give you an idea as to how well I am functioning after this workout.
Done in class — 1500 m row / 750 unders in place of the runs.
26:40. Great class, Brett – thanks.

WOD in class
Paige 28:30
Julie…28:30 !!

glad to be there. Great workout – nothing left at the end.

oops. I guess I’m as “done” as no_excuses!!
Should have mentioned that what we did in class was the 1500m row and the 750 unders in place of the 1 mile runs.

yes, Thank you very much Brett! 🙂

Did the workout as Rx’d. However, as a couple of us in the 830pm class decided to do the running even though it was extremely dark out, we passed the halfway mark on the first run but got it right on the second run. After class I measured the distance we actually ran on the first run using my cars odometer and we ran roughly and extra 400 meters. With that being said my time was 30:09

As Rx’d, except for extra long first mile run. Located the 800m mark on the way back, so 2nd mile was accurate.

730 class WOD: subbed 1500 row for first run and 750 unders for 2nd run: 30:01

Subbed the run for 1500m row

Burpies are hard and wall balls are like trying to catch a greased pig when it gets sweaty

32:20 (might be a minute or so off as my memory fades when exhausted)

WOD in class as rx’d

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