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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A1.  AMRAP Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press @ 2110 x 5 sets, rest 2:00

A2.  Row 45 seconds for average watts x 5 sets, rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 35 lbs and gals 20 lbs per hand for shoulder press and post reps to comments.  For row post average watts per set and average watts divided by body weight for each set.

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Can anyone tell me what the @2110 means?

2110 … is the tempo of the exercise…the first number is the lowering portion of the exercise…thus take 2 seconds to lower weight…the second number is how long you pause at the end of movement…the 3rd number is how fast to accelerate the load (raising the load) and the fourth number is how long you pause at the top of the movement….therefore, for above exercise each rep should take you 4 secs to complete…

Thanks Steve…
as rx’d
A2>avg. 352,401,356,377,372 | avg/bw 1.81, 2.06, 1.83, 1.93, 1.91

Missed the 6:00 am class because I am in Victoria. Did the WOD in the hotel gym. Did get a few weird looks.
As rxd:
A1. 30/29/25/27/22
A2. 417=2.3, 425=2.36, 432=2.4, 435=2.4, 425=2.36

As RX’d:

Shoulder presses: 16/16/14/12/12
Rows(avg watts): 463/474/486/498/474
Avg watt /body wt: 2.12/2.17/2.23/2.28/2.17

Thanks Brett! Exhausting WOD

As rx’d
Shoulder Press: 19/16/14/10/12
Row (avg watts): 343/337/296/283/307 (figured out how to row for watts in fifth round)
Avg watt/body wt: 1.9/1.87/1.6/1.57/1.7

Neil as rx’d
A1. 15/15/13/12/10
A2. ave watts-399/389/350/336/335
ave watts/body wt-2.1/2.05/1.84/1.77/1.76
Judy – 15 lbs SP
A1. 14/14/12/11/8
A2. ave watts-228/250/236/202/207
ave watts/body wt-1.55/1.7/1.61/1.37/1.41
Great WOD – thanks Brett!

As rx’d
A1: 20/19/15/15/14
A2: 304=2.25/304=2.25/315=2.33/314=2.33/310=2.29
Thanks Brett! I’ve been avoiding rowing so, I needed this workout.

As rx’d
A1: 18/16/13/10/8 *Really need to work on Shoulder Press*
A2: 307=2.27/290=2.15/298=2.21/249=1.84/261=1.93
Thanks Brett!! A lot harder then I thought it would be!

did this one at home today since I have 2 sick kiddies (croup, poop, and puke NOT a good combo!)!!
A1: as rx’d 20/17/14/14/15
A2: didn’t have a rower handy so I did a 7 km run instead

As rx’d
A1 21/ 17/ 17/ 14/ 14
A2 351/ 344/ 326/ 305/ 320
Avg Watt 2.09/ 2.04/ 1.94/ 1.81/ 1.90

As rx’d
A1 12/11/10/8/7
A2 464/468/458/456/427
Watt/BWT 2.8/2.8/2.7/2.7/2.6
Thanks Brett!

A1, 12/11/7/7/6
A2, 565/482/408/379/409
= 3.32/2.84/2.40/2.23/2.41

Fear the Rower.

As rx’d

A1: 20/19/12/10/7
A2: 2.4/1.85/1.71/1.47/1.85

the short workouts always hurt the most, it was about 25 min tell i was able to breath normal and my legs are still shaking a bit

Francis your rowing and saying hi to Pukie inspirational!

Thanks Brett!

Did 3RM OHS: 160 x3 & 165×2 (failed on the 3rd)
Thanks Kelly and Brett for entretaining Sophia while I tried my attempts.

A1, 15/12/10/8/7
A2, 548/413/420/345/410 damper 7.3
= 2.49/1.88/1.91/1.57/1.86

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