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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Double unders for 10 minutes


Coach’s notes:  We need the practise!  Post reps to comments.

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Comments: 13

I did “Michael” instead in 26:10…I’ll fit in practice for those bad boys some other time

386. That is tougher than is sounds. Shoulders were really starting to fail at the end.
Trying for sets of 6. with a quick rest. Was able to in the first 6 min or so. Then the consistency fell apart. Next time 450+

Had great tip from Ken. I started out strong, but pushed to hard at end. More rest between spurts. Expect better results next time.


Just wondering….did this named WOD come about in a fashion similar to the “Paige” or “Michelle” or more along the lines of “Yasmin”? :}

As Rx’d in class. Definitely need to practice!
10 min double unders = 105 successful double unders.

thanks Rhiannon 🙂

820 as rx’d.

Oops — typing error — added extra 0 …but I bet it made you look!

340 as Rx’d in class
And got my first ever muscle-up!!

I wish I could say that I’m amongst the league of Michelle and Paige and I don’t know how Yasmin got her claim to fame, but unfortunately I must admit that this was a case of a naive suggestion more than anything. However, I am pretty good at the double unders!

DJ – double unders are my nemisis- 78
Brittany – she is a machine 448

I have been working on these things, long way to go though to beat 448, wow.

Nice job on the double unders Brittany!!! It would have been pretty cool to see you achieve that number.
Hey admin, I would say that ‘pretty good’ is an understatment! I’ve seen your amazing double unders!!!

Great work Brittany! Wow!
And I thought writing down 820 would be a funny joke…..guess I’ll stop trying to being funny…..
You never know what people are going to accomplish in Crossfit!

Did this on Friday before my regular workout.
Managed 269 with lots of welts on the arms.
Followed by AMRP in 20 min of
10 lunges with 20lbs/hand
5 push ups
15 jumps to a point on the wall 12″ above my head….
11 rounds
managed almost 1 more round than previously, which was a surprise after all those double unders.

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