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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


5 Rounds for time(s) and loads(s) of:

5 Bar Pull-Overs
75 Double Unders
5 Thrusters
REST 2:00

TT WOD – Strength

A. Deadlift – 5 reps X 5 sets, rest 120+

Note:  Pause each rep on the floor.

B1.  Single Leg Hip Bridges – 8-12 reps/leg @10X2 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s

Notes:  Maintain the same wright across all 5 sets of DL. Increase the height of the working foot (put on plates) to increase challenge.  Also, do NOT rest butt on ground at bottom (i.e. your are under continuous tension for the entire set.)

B2.  Hip Extension – 10-15 reps @ 3032 X 3 sets, rest 60-90s


At Home WOD

A1.  Left Side Plank Raises – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A2.  Front Plank Hold – 60s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A3.  Right Side Plank Raises – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

A4.  V-sit Twist – 20-30s X 3 sets, rest 30s

Notes:  Touch both hands from side to side while holding a V-sit.

Coach’s notes:

Post time and load per round and total working time to comments. Post all results for TT Strength and for At Home WOD.

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Comments: 15

Another slow one. Never done the bar pullovers in a workout before. Only one unbroken set of DUs, rest were pretty broken up. Weights were 95#/105/115/125/135.
27:48 Total time.
Thanks Todd!

Day 2 complete.
First round was just under 2:00, so just kept it at 2:00 on 2:00 off. I did start picking up time each round however, finishing last one in 1:44.
Used 65# for the first round, then 75# for the remaining.
Pull-overs all rx’d.
Had to do single leg skips, still can’t put too much pressure on the left foot.

Skin the cat on the rings and singles for skipping
Round 1 2:16 @ 105#
Round 2 5:57 @ 115#
Round 3 9:45 @ 125#
Round 4 13:40 @ 135#
Round 5 18:07 @ 145#

Total working time 10:07

Thanks Todd

Open gym with Joe
Bench press 5×5 @ 165#
Back squats 5×5 @ 185#
Deadlifts 5×5 @ 255#

Did TT in open gym with Derek and Lauren.
A. All sets at 275. Next time go a bit heavier.
B1. Did these. Last set used a 45# plate.
B2. Done

Oh yeah, and happy 50th to Penny!

So, I guess it takes the gym closing to push me to post here;). But that’s what Bretts been wanting right??

Working out at home sucks. I diddle and doddle way too much!! Did yesterday’s wod today, no ghd so did hip thrusts with a 40lb sandbag on my hips instead of the extensions. Broke up 15/then 6 sets of 10. Time: 27:29.
Miss you guys!!

Home workout with the family, bonus weight on front plank and weighted twists.

You can’t be 50 Penny?!?!?!?!?! Happy Birthday!!!!!
Jazzy, welcome to the comments!!!!!!!

2PU + 2 TtB x5
Worked up to 80lbs

HBD Penny great job on burpees! Welcome to the club
I miss 6am already 🙁

Home WOD:

I did two mini wods today.
Wod 1: from btbb 10-9-8-…-1
Burpee (no push ups)
Push ups
Jump squats.
6min flat. One of those workouts that makes your taste your lunch again.

WOD 2m CFC abs killer! Thanks for this one Brett/Crew

Loving the comments and the home workouts.

At Home

4 rnds
15 medball cleans
15 KBS 1pd
15 DB SP
15 banded good mornings
15 v sit side touches with medball

Then did some plank work after

At home WOD done with the family (thank you so much for posting these). Heard more complaining from the kids than the usual 6am crew! Sorry to hear about the mandated closure but when all this settles down we will all come back stronger…together!

For time approx 25 min

35 burpees, 15 pull-ups, 30 burpees, 12 pull-ups, 25 burpees, 9 pull-ups, 20 burpees, 6 pull-ups, 15 burpees, 3 pull-ups, 10 burpees


5 rounds of10 Double unders

Stay healthy everyone !

30+ minutes
Scaled each bar pullover to 2 pull-ups + 2 T2B after Zach humored 6am’s attempts and other scaling suggestions! And then Darren ended up doing most of them Rx’d!!
Double unders – really need to work on these. Awful today! Got 10+ strung together several times but had to supplement with LOTS of singles.
Thrusters were 45/55/60/60/65

And yes, finished class with 50 burpees with jp as my witness!! Thanks for the birthday wishes (wishes only, no hugs 😷)!

Stay fit and healthy, everyone! Home WODs look great but already looking forward to the first WOD back at CFC. The better we do at this distancing thing, the sooner we’ll get back to the gym 😊


R1: 135#, 3:33. Pull overs UB, thrusters UB
R2: 155#, 7:06 Pull overs UB, thrusters UB
R3: 175#, 11:26, Pull overs UB, thrusters Singles (basically clusters)
R4: 185# 16:22, Pull overs UB, thrusters Singles (basically clusters)
R5: 195#, 20:10 Pull overs UB, thrusters Singles (basically clusters)

TWT: 12:10

Great tip for Todd to challenge the thrusters because the pullovers and DU were pretty easy.

Thanks Todd! Great job 10am!

TT during open gym with coach Payne and Lauren.

A: 285#, could have gone heavier

B1: 8 reps/ 10 reps/ 12 reps

B2: 10 reps / 12 reps / 15 reps.

🤕 ouch my hams and butt.

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