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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A1.  20 Pull-ups X 4 sets, rest 2:00
A2.  Dumbbell Thrusters – 10 reps X 4 sets, rest 2:00
A3.  GHD Sit-ups – 15-20 reps, rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:

For the pull-up set, choose your most challenging type of pull-up in your first set, (eg. Strict, chest to bar, L-pull-up), then move to a lesser challenging set each time (eg. 2nd set, kipping chest

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Comments: 5

A. Strict 15/5, butter fly 15/5,repeat…no 4th round detached bicep hurting.
B.unbroken 25#/35#/40#/40#
C.unbroken 20 for all rounds
Thanks Laura and 6:00am crew.

A) 5 Strict C2B 15 Butterfly practice
B) 45s for all, technique practice
C) 20 for all rounds

Thanks Laura!

A1 pull-ups: L sit, strict, kip, kip
A2 DB Thruster: 35, 40, 45, 50
A3 GHD: 15, 15, 15, 12

Did pull-ups and sit-ups in ways I’m too lazy to document.
Thrusters: 25-35-40, 45X9.5

A1) strict C2B pull-ups 12/9/9/9- did in sets of 3’s
A2) 25/35/35/35-all unbroken
A3) 10 per round unbroken
Good job 7 p.m.
Thanks Todd! Enjoyed what you encouraged on the pull ups.

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