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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Cleans – 135#/95#
Ring dips

Compare to Saturday, December 28, 2019

TT WOD – Gymnastics:

As wew rap up this section of TT, use this class to practice your new gymnastics skills.

Specifically practice strict and kipping ring and bar muscle-ups.  Remember that these are demanding skills, so use at least 120s between sets.  Try to find your greatest efficiencies in these movements and do not practice until fatigue and/or technique becomes compromised.  Have fun!

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete Elizabeth and whether your did power or squat cleans. Also post all results and successes from TT Gymnastics to comments.

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Comments: 19

Cleans were power and all singles.
Ring dips were tough after yesterday’s push ups. Small sets and singles at the end.
Thanks Shannon

Totally blown after push ups yesterday. But wanted to see how it felt Rx.

About 13:00 Rx – ring dips were not only slow but probably a lot of no reps as I struggled to get back to vertical. Can only get better from here.

Thanks Todd.

Cleans Rx’d singles
Ring dip negatives
Fun class, thanks Toddie!

Rx’d – ring dip singles

75# Cleans / Dips on the box. 8:53
Normally I would have done this at 65#. Thought I would challenge the weight. I think I should have done at least 80#. First 12/8/6 per round touch and go, then fast singles.
Really like the mobility work at the end of class. 9 a.m. crew is killing it these days!!!!! Thanks Todd.

125# and 13:12

Managed 4 sets of 3 T@G on the cleans then singles.
Ring dips…..holy Batman, that was the longest few minutes of my life! Those broke down real fast got some good reps in then spent a lot of time staring at the rings, not getting lockout and doing negatives🙄. All good!

nice work 6AM! Thanks Shannon!


Sooooo sore from yesterday! Did 95# for the cleans and used a purple band for the ring dips because they were not happening otherwise.

Fist Elizabeth
135# for cleans and band for the dips due to yesterday’s push ups.

Cleans rxd
Ring dips with a skinny green band
1:17 PR. Time to make the dips more challenging.

Thanks Zac.

And post editing on point. 😜

7:20 Rx
Lesson learned…stick with singles. Tried cycling the cleans tonight and, while I’ll take the win of my back not seizing up, found out that it still just tired me out and made me slower. 21 seconds slower to be precise…😒

Thanks Z!

8:20 @ 135# with blue band for dips.
Happy with the cleans. Went singles for first 21 then 5’s and 3’s for 15/9.
Dips were horrible after Cindy yesterday.

75 pound power cleans and green band for ring dips.
Time: 8:42. Thanks for the tips on cycling the bar Zac!

10:45 Rx’d
Dips were so brutal today after Cindy, a lot of singles.
Thanks Todd

Rx: 5:11

Rounds of 21 Clean: 9/7/5
Rounds of 21 dip: 10/11

Rounds of 15 Clean: 5/4/3/2/1
Rounds of 15 dip: 7/5/3

Rounds of 9 Clean: 4/3/2
Rounds of 9 dip: 5/3/1

First time doing Elizabeth. Nasty WOD.

Wish I knew I could a kipped the dips. Todd ask why I did them all stick. I said I was so worried about doing big sets on power clean I forgot I could kip dips. Next time I guess.

Thanks Todd, great work 10am.

Open Gym

Did some affiliate cup prep. I did the speed squat clean ladder

5 reps 115#
4 reps 135#
3 reps 155#
2 reps 165#
1 reps 185#

Did this twice: 77 secs and 72 secs respectively. Need to go unbroken with one big breath in between.

Cleans at 65# and ring dips with toe assist to push up

TT – worked on kipping pull-ups and managed several sets of 3, 7pt muscle-ups on low rings, kipping on high rings working to get hips up, handstand holds working to stand free of wall (success for few seconds a couple of times)

135# but singles pretty much the whole way
Ring Dips would start out fairly clean but then was down to single negatives at the end of each round.


55# for cleans. First set I did 7×3, then 5×3, and 5+4. I felt I was going cleans the best this time in terms of form because they didn’t fatigue me as much as before.

Dips were awful after yesterday’s Cindy. Used my legs to support but tried to use my arms as much as possible.

That was a fun game at 5! 😀

Thanks Zac!

7:56 Rxd. Dips went away fast. Was down to singles pretty quick. Need to learn how to kip them better. Fun workout, never done this one in full. Curious if things would be much different had I not done “hard Cindy” last night – tons of decline pushups.
Thanks Zacc!

Kipping ring dips

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