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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


10 Rounds for Reps:

1:00 Double Unders

1:00 Rest



Coach’s notes:  Post number of reps per set and total to comments.


Compare to February 11, 2009


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Comments: 6

85/75/56/60/84/60/72/61/74/76 Total = 703

Disappointing after last time, but something was just off with my double unders. Maybe I’ll stop by class after work and try it with a different rope.

79/56/38/44/41/25/42/39/31/34 = 429
52/44/46/44/49/56/50/41/45/51 = 478

I got schooled!!

Take 2:
93/90/90/84/68/61/77/74/75/70 = 782

Forearms started getting tired in round 5, so I switched ropes at round 6 for the ones with the shorter handles. Unfortunately that made things worse and I had to switch back halfway through the round…

Perhaps instead of posting number of DU’s per round, I will list the number of skipping rope slash-marks on my arms for each round…


Who am I kidding, I also have slash marks on my legs and hands, so my numbers are WAY higher than that!

53/40/45/48/43/45/44/37/42/48 = 445

That was a pretty good double unders practice!

First time: (Attempts only)


Appeared simple enough but who was I kidding!

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