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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5 rounds for time:

500 m Row

AMRAP Push-Ups

Rest 3:00 minutes


Coach’s notes:  Post row times and number of push-ups for each set to comments. 


Compare to November 18, 2009

Comments: 18

Haha, I love how everyone is cheering and hugging and Ali looks like she may be dead.

You can almost see her twitching in that photo too!

Congrats to CFC Calgary! Esp after the warm welcome some of you received at your first Xfit session out @ OPT……remember? When Brett forgot about the time change and stood you guys up?!
Great picture / excellent work!

1:58.1/2:04.1/2:08.3/2:11.8/2:09.1…10 push-ups from knees for each set. Felt like calling Ralph on the big white porcelain phone afterward. On a good note, my row times are improving…always something to be grateful for. Thank you, Michelle, for helping me push through to the end.

Great times Maria!

10/5/6/5/5 pushups from toes.
Not much left for pushups after the rows. Thanks for your encouragement today Michelle! You were right, I wanted to walk out after round 1! Although my times were slow, I felt more consistent with my strokes in the last two rounds. Great times Maria!!!

Ali-are you alive ?? This is a great picture!! I’m giggling!
As for wod, sorry I missed Michelle! Really I am! Preschool beckoned though…

I’M ALIVE!!!!!!!
and by the way….that’s me TOTALLY celebrating. In my mind I was giving EVERYONE high fives…….too bad my body just didn’t want to cooperate.

4 years of CrossFit and I have NEVER felt that bad.

Haha Yvette I forgot about that!!!!!!!!!

I remember this WOD!! Last time I did this was back when CFC was at OPT…it was brutal…really big suckfest…

1- 1:48 (30)
2 – 1:42 (21)
3 – 1:45 (15)
4 – 1:45 (15)
5 – 1:46 (13)

Tougher workout than it sounded!!!
Thanks for the encouragment Michelle!!


Shaved 8 seconds off my total row time from November but lost 4 p.u.’s
Laura’s AMRAP guidelines were “no resting at the top of the p.u.” That killed me in the later rounds.

Fortunately for Karen I spent the trip home quietly enjoying a fine CFC smoothie instead of whining about how my legs felt.

Chest was not to deck for all the push ups.
Thanks Laura!!
Thanks Rebecca for the tasty smoothie and bars!!

1:48/12 – whoops may have gone too fast here.
2:07/9 – OH DEAR
That is a tough wod mentally and physically. Thanks Laura for your coaching/support! Anita, thanks for counting/coaxing and Rebecca that smoothie took my headache away, it was delicious. Thanks!
Jeff, you’re hilarious.

Hey, could Rebecca come to the morning class w/ smoothies & bars??? That would be nice 🙂 And I believe you, Krista, how preschool beckoned and all that…not!!

Neil 1:46/1:50/1:54/2:00/154 Pushups 17/15/14/15/15
Judy 2:09/2:11/2:13/2:12/2:15 Pushups from toes/knees – 2/6, 5/7, 5/5, 4/6, 4/4

Rebecca, I’ll buy some bars and make a donation to Team CFC!!!
And Maria, really! We had a field trip!! Good timing though!


R1: 1:40/55 PU
R2: 1:42/25 PU
R3: 1:55/30 PU
R4: 1:52/25 PU
R5: 1:53/25 PU

Notes: My rows were slower than last time but the PU were slighty higher…still kinda disappointed with rows…interestingly enough I said that last time…this WOD makes it hard to breathe…

Way to go Katie on a 1:48 row!! that is fantastic!

Blaine – way to tough through Angie!!
TLaw – good time on Angie…get that knee healed up!

Great WOD….
R1: 1:43/30
R2: 1:43/25
R3: 1:45/25
R4: 1:45/25
R5: 1:47/16 (Brain Fart!)
Focused on consistency due to training for ultra marathon (this weekend is Death Camp!)
Thanks Laura for the coaching and Stacie for the shakes and bars, we needed them!

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