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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Regionals Individual WOD #3

21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift (315#/205#)

Box Jump (30″/24″)

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.  To view standards click here.


Comments: 32

Adelle DL #92 box jumps 20″ – 8:20
Rick DL #225 for 21, 215 for remaining box jumps 24″ – 10:14
Great work everyone. Katie you were so strong. Thanks Ali and Colin

105# and 20″ box – 7:08
Should have went heavier.
Great job 6amers, super strong this morning! Thanks Ali and Colin

225# and 24# box – somewhere around 13:30 (I think. Forgot to look at the clock).

That’s my girl! 🙂

65# and 20′ box – 5:03
kept it light to start strengthening shoulder….wish i could have done more
Great job 6amers
Thanks Ali and Colin!

Based on the weights of today’s wod I think I will be a girl today! I already have the hair……maybe DJ can lend me his tutu……….

10:54 as Rx’d
felt a lot heavier than i thought it would, box jumps went surprisingly well.

8:40 135# DL, could have and should have gone a little heavier. 20 inch box which is new for me but went really well with the stepping down technique.

Thanks Ali!

7.50 with 115 DL and 12″ Box. Time to go to the higher box. Awesome WOD
Thanks Ali!!

13:44 275# DL & 20″Box. That was really tough but go to 24″ box next time.
Thanks Ali and all the 9:30ers – great workout!

10:43 165# & 20″ box. Thanks, Ali. That was plenty weight for this cowgirl!! Our XFit girls rocked at Regionals 🙂

9:24 – 145 lbs deadlift and 20” box jump, only because i didn’t realize rx was 24″. not fully awake at 6am i guess.
thanks ali and colin.

DL (275): 10/6/5 – 5/5/3-2 – 3/3/3
Box Jumps – 30″

Jumps were fine; deadlifts were heavy for me, but they felt good.
Thanks Ali/Colin. Thanks for the treats!

Deadlifts as rx’d. Rds broken like so 15,6/6,5,4/5,4
Box jumps were 31″ jump over a bar to a full squat for each rep. (no head room to jump onto something)
Total Time-12:34
Tough WOD.

6:17 as rx’d. Did this at regionals in 5:29, did it slower today as I was not feeling too well. Thanks Todd.

8:47 as rxd. Box jumps unbroken, deadlifts tons of singles

DL’s as rx’d 15/6, 10/5, 9
Box jumps – first 21 at 24″, rest as rx’d


225 lbs


Last round of DL was all singles
Box jump speed was limited more by caution than by fatigue

115 lbs, 20″ box
Thanks Todd!

Started at 315 for 7 reps, then 305 for 3 reps, then ended up at 295 for the rest. Mostly sets of 3 and 4. Box jumps were slow and steady. Coach “Hulk” pointed out some bad form at the end so I had to re-do 7 box jumps. 12:34.
Nice last set Nolan!
Thanks Todd.

12:02 as rx’d. Was hoping for around 10mins, DL started and ended slow.

Thanks Todd

Neil – 12:30, 245 lbs, 24″ box
Judy – 9:09, 145 lbs, 20″ box
Thanks Todd for your strategy advise!

As rx’d 6:00
Thanks Todd!

23.5″ box
140 lbs
Thanks Todd, great class!

as rx’d 15:52

16:33 as rx’d. Box jumps were good, deadlifts consistent but slow

A miracle happened today..I made it to the FUN 6am class! The deadlift weight felt heeaavvy this morning..(next time I’ll have a coffee first)
10:3? as rx’d
Awesome coaching..Ali, Colin and Mark – thank you!! YUMMY treats too Colin! Nice work 6amers! Oh and lots of admiration for the competitors in Vancouver..every time I do ONE of the wods..

Ok, what’s all this I’m seeing about treats, Colin???? You need to leave some for the 9:30 crew, please (I used good manners).

245# for DL
Box jumps as rx’d

Very impressive on your end as well!! I was informed I did my box jumps wrong but didn’t have the gas to do what you did!!

Finally swallowed my pride and got over my ego: did 225# deaders
BJs as rx’d


My back is singing songs of victory.

13:38 I started as rx’d but after 21 @ 205 I was quickly done.
Scaled down to also a very hard 190
First time doing box jumps at 24′
I second Katie’s comments regarding the competitors in Vancouver.
Thanks Todd!!

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