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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Complete all 3 sets in any order and switch every 10 minutes:

  1. 10 Rope Climbs of the hardest variety you are capable. (Legless L-sit from seated holding L position up and lowering all the way back to seated in L position as hardest version.  Scale as needed from here.)
  2. Turkish Get-up – 5/arm X 5 sets, taking approx. 2:00 per set.
  3. Front and Back Scales for 10 minutes.

Coach’s notes:

Post order complete and results for each set to comments.

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Comments: 3

Started with rope climbs x 12 in 10 min. 3 pulls for each which got me to the black rubber at the top. That’s as high as my brain allows!

Turkish get-ups with 12.5#DB. 4 sets of 5 per arm then alternated arms for last set til time was up. 48 total.

Scales – I like these! Front seemed harder than usual this morning.

Good climbing 6am’rs – hands are feeling it! Thanks, Shannon. And Thanks for all the demos this morning, Duncan 🙂

Holy shit!
Did this in order.
Rope climbs (EMOM)
1: Legless
2-5: as high as possible legless then finish with legs
6-10: All legs baby!

1 set at 30#
4 sets at 20#
Finished about 10s after the cap
Basically a 10 minute amrap

Lats were toast! Couldn’t hold arms up. Ugh.

Thanks Brett! Nice work 5:15 crew.

Had 10 very decent rope climbs, for the first time in a very long time ( like a year or so)
3 pulls to the top each time
Turkish getups with 12.5# – struggled with movement, but got better after a few rounds, so got all 5 rounds in
Scales – man were my shoulders on fire – 10 minutes of focus to get these done.

nice work tonight everyone
thanks Brett, appreciate so much being back in the box!

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