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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


As many rounds in 20 minutes: 

200m run

12 Knees to elbows

 Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


Comments: 15

Did a modified version
200m row
12 swiss ball sit-ups with 15lbs
9 rounds

8 rounds + 200m + 2 K2E

9 rounds plus 200 meters
Nothing like a nice little sprint workout when the septic tank is being cleaned out 🙂
Our class nick named this workout “Septic Shock”!

Modified: 200 m row / 12 reverse pike on ball
8 rounds + 200 m + 6 pikes

9 rounds, plus 200meter run and 9 k2e! awesome workout!

I think I did 12 rounds + 200 metres. As Kim mentioned that our group won the right to name this workout as “Septic Shock” as we were informed that the tank was full, some of us scrambled to find an alternative thanks to Leighanne for opening the house to some of us. The truck (aka Honey Pot) arrived just as we were into round 2 of our sprint and then if the diesel fumes were not bad enough, we went into shock when they started to empty the tank, hense “Septic Shock”. All had fun! Great workout and thanks to Trevor for ensuring the the K2E were really K2E.

For 8:30 class: Did 20 box jump + 12 KTE due to rain/mud.
10 rounds + 20 box jump + 3 KTE.

Sub 20 – 20″ box jump for run
9rds + 20 box jumps + 3 K2E

subbed 20 – 24″ box jump for run
9 rounds exactly

Mack – I thought we were dead even at the end? I may have mis-counted??

Nice to do a short run work out.
13 rounds

Pierre – I like your number better than my number. I was concentrating on trying to keep up with you and definitely lost count in there somewhere.

WOD in class
modfication included rowing instead of running due to rain
One round included 20 of the 20″ box jumps just to keep things spicy…

My knees to elbows were slower but GOOD Quality Knees to Elbows 🙂 My knees even actually touched my elbows several times!

6 rounds plus 200m row and 4 K2E.

Subbed 20ea 20″ box jumps for run

6 rounds plus 12 box jumps

However; the first 2 1/2 rounds had 20 K2E

10 rounds in 23 minutes… (timer didn’t go off, so probably 9 rounds and 100-200 m)

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