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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

27, 21, 15, 9, 3 rep rounds for time of:

Shoulder Press – 95#/65#
Box Jumps – 24”/20”
Hang Power Snatch – 95#/65#

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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18:25 @ 75#
Shoulder press was nasty!
Thanks OG


24 inch step ups

Shoulders were on 🔥

Thanks Josh!
Great work 9:30

20” box
Goals: Get a better sense of my capacity after Covid break. Get a feel for snatches with weight. Grind out the box jumps with soft landings. Bring a positive attitude.

Result: Worked hard not to burn out my shoulders. Did really well with managing small rests and it paid off. Very steady with box jumps. The power snatches took a little while to feel right. Had to break them up. Counted five breaths between. When I got to 15 I was able to do 10 and five. Weight felt a little heavy for Snatches but I’m glad I pushed my self. Everything felt a little awkward but not bad considering the time off.

Really appreciate the great warmups lately.

24:37 RX’d.

Wow… I’ve never looked forward to box jumps before.

35# bar
Thank you Josh!

19:30 @ 75
Round of 21 press and grip on the snatch were the limiting factors tonight.
Great job 6:30.
Thanks Brett!

Honestly thought I was going to launch the bar with my moistly baby hands.


Scaled to 21, 15, 9, 3

20” box step ups

Bar felt a little light for the presses but I bet my shoulders will appreciate that tomorrow. Snatches felt easy at the start but the number of them made it harder and harder. Was also looking forward to the box step ups in my case. Happy I skipped the 27s this time otherwise I would have probably had to stop mid 9s.

Thanks Brett!

Rx weight
Holy Dyna I was a puddle on the floor after this one!
Thanks Brett!
Nice work 6:30

18:15ish? Kind of wrecked me, the big sets really exposed my lack of capacity right now.
Thanks Colin!

17:35 Rx
That was a spicy one. I get a kick out of the box jumps being the rest…I was down to sets of 3 on the presses. I also rubbed the skin/hair off my knees from the hang snatchie snacks.

Thanks coach Josh Sather. Great work 9:30 am

20:33 with various weights! First set of push press 45# then down to 35# and first set of hang power snatch with 25# bar then up to 35#. Box jumps were Rx’d 🎉! Nice work 6am 🤩

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