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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Perform 3, 3 minute rounds of:

15 Box Jumps – 30”/24”
10 Back Squats (from floor) – 185#/125#
Row for Max Calories

REST 2:00

Perform 3, 3 minute rounds of:

15 Box Jumps – 30”/24”
10 Back Squats (from floor) – 185#/125#
Max Burpees Over Bar

Coach’s notes:

Record cals and reps in each set. Score is total.

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Comments: 14

24” step-ups
65# back squats
No idea on calories but rowed for about 50s each round
Burpees were 14/12/13
Thanks for the push, Derek. You’re right, no one died 😂

36 Cals, 15 Burpees. Rx’d. Was a bit of a train wreck, but fun? Was a balancing act of more Cals/burpees and being able to complete a 30″ box jump most rounds.
Thanks Derek!

No jumping for me today – Achilles is too tight. So did 30” box step ups and burpee bar step overs. 95# for all back squats.

Started with Burpees workout: 23, 14, 15 (62)
Rowing: 22, 15, 25 to finish (62). Wow, same reps.

A very humbling workout. Thankfully only 3 rounds each. Thanks Brett. Thanks for good push today Derek.

Oops. Only 52 burpees. Can’t count, no blood left in my brain.

Have had some back issues lately. Could feel it firing up early so quit after 1.5 rounds. Playing it safe for once. Nice work everyone.

95# back squats, only way to keep these unbroken.
Row calls – 22/18/21 = 61
Burpee – 14/12/16 = 42
Box jumps 30″, about 60/40 jumps to step ups
Thanks Derek M, huge class today.

I loved experiencing this WOD.
24” Box Jumps (alternated jumps and step ups. The jumps seemed more efficient)
95# Squats all the way (got way faster as I got into the workout)
Row: 10-12 cals average (learning how to push harder.)
Burpees!! Over bar 11/9/10 made sure I did min five hops.

I loved how flexible this WOD was. I really used it to discover where my limits are and build my athletic confidence/courage. I’m getting way better at reading where I can push beyond the discomforts and sensations and still be strong. Right in my wheelhouse.

Box Jumps rxd
Squats @ 80#. This was the most weight I felt comfortable lowering onto my neck.

Cals were 10/9/8
Burpees were 7/5/7

This wasn’t the nastiest one I’ve done since we’ve been back but it’s definitely in the top 5.

Thanks for the tips on the box jumps Ragnar. Lots to work on with a higher jump.

Kat smashed my wrist and hand yesterday so took the bar from the rack.

Row: 11/7/5
Burpees: 4/1/2

Would have gone lighter if taking it from the floor. Box jumps were sloooooooow.

20” step ups
32# back squats

R1: made it to 4 cal row
R2: made it to 7 squats
R3: made it to 10 squats

R4: made it to 1 burpee
R5: made it to 15 box step ups
R6: made it to 10 squats

Well that was hard and so hot today 🥵

Thanks Derek!

Well that was “fun”. I didn’t know I could sweat that much!!!!
24 rounds much box jumps
125# for backsquats
Row 8/6/6
Burpees 5/2/3
Thanks Ragnar. Nice work 6:30!

Whow – sweat fest –
no energy for this event tonight
rowed 8 on the 1st row, and that was it.
no burpess on the 1st round, then 5 on the last 2 – but had to step up on the last round to a 30″, no jump left
life hands you a lemon, and sometime it just tastes like a lemon,
hoping for a better wod tomorrow,
thanks Derek,

Back issues shut this one down on me and I hate not being able to finish, just feels like failure…anyways, here’s what I managed to do:
Box Jumps – Rx
Back Squats – 135#

Row: 15/8/7 (Law of diminishing returns in full effect here)
Burpees: When it comes to burpees…there were no burpees. Back seized up entirely after first round of back squats and that was that.

Thanks Ragnar, at least I had good music to suffer by….

1. 25 cals
2. 12 cals
3. 18 cals
Total = 55 cals
1. 19 burpees
2. 4 burpees, no that is no a typo.
3. 8 burpees
Total = 31

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