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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deadlift  2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2,2

Coach’s notes:  Post load for each set to comments.

Important Reminder – the holiday class schedule will be in place for the upcoming holiday on Monday August 3rd.  The 9:30 am and 6:00 pm class will be available for member attandance.

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James’ 6 am class
“Big Dawg” 5 rounds for time
5 press
10 push press
15 (oh crumb – can’t remember what these are called) clean & press (?? please correct me!)

13:41 #41 lbs

Krista, I think you mean Push Jerk. 🙂

ya, that would be it! thanks Ali!

315 x 2
325 x 1

395 x 2
Looking forward to tomorrow

245/ 255/ 265/ 275/ 285 x 2

Start off heavier next time with smaller weight increments


155 / 185 / 215 / 245 / 275 / 295 / 315. PB

375/385/405×2 (felt light)/ 415X1…

was ready to pull for the second rep but the weight fell off the bar!! Brett actually had to tape an extra 10 pounds on to the bar to make 415…was gonna go for 425 but today is the first time I felt good in over 3 months…so I did not push it today…

PR x 1 is 445..

Way to go Steve!!
Neil – 265
Judy – 165


Last 1RM was 375#, so I was pretty happy to be able to get 385×2, even if it wasn’t that pretty!

Up to 285×1+F, failed at 295×1…
Not pleased. Previous PR was 275×3 in May?


don’t worry about it…I have been there before with DL…2 weeks ago I lifted 350 (well below PR) and it felt like a truck so I stopped…sometimes with DLs you just have to go with it…I have done a double snatch DL and then a week later could not do regular DL at the same weight…its the nature of the beast….

145/155(1)/145/150F/145/145/145 I think i did one more 145 but not sure. Tough day for deadlifting. Well below my PR.

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