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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

 5 rounds for time:

1 Rope Climb

3 Muscle Ups

5 Squat Clean and Jerk

7 Deadlift

21 Box Jumps

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 165 lbs for the squat clean and jerk and gals use 105 lbs, 300 lbs and 200 lbs respectively for the deadlift and 24 and 18 inches for the box jumps.  If you cannot do a rope climb, bring a towel to class.  If you cannot do a muscle up, sub 12 chest to bar pull ups and 12 ring dips or scale any and/or all movements based on ability.

Important Reminder – CFC is hosting a gymnastics certification this upcoming weekend and therefore all classes on Saturday July 25 and Sunday July 26 will be cancelled (with the exception of the POSE running class which will run as scheduled).  For more information on the certification click here.

Comments: 19

what do you sub the rope climb for?

Typical rope climb substitution is 15 towel pullups (hang the towel over the pullup bar and hold on to both sides).

This one looks like fun!

only did 3 rounds and used 76lbs for squat clean & jerk, 152lbs deadlift and did negative ring dips and pull ups for muscle ups. super tough workout, 24:09, got a bad rope burn on my leg, should have worn knee high socks…

Can’t get to CFC tonight for this “interesting” WOD. And there’s no way I was going to try it at the globo gym. Strength day instead.
Back Squat 225×3, 245×3, 255×1+1(f)
Push Press 115×5, 125×5, 135×4
Stiff leg deadlifts 135x10x3
And about 30 towel pullups.
Have fun tonight….

Did Sundays WOD: 20 min 12 Thrusters/12 DLHP/24 DU
10rds + 12 Thrusters as rx’d

as Rx’d, 31:37. Deadlifts were very heavy, not sure if it was carryover from mr. joshua or what but I was struggling with them today. Everything else was pretty good, squat cleans I learnt yesterday and actually werent too bad. Took about 20 for my head to clear after this one.

I forgot, Brett says this workout has no name and that he would take suggestions and put it on the wall. “King Kong” has muscle ups, squat cleans and deads, so maybe this could be King Kong gone Bananas… I am not very creative so someone get a solid name for this thing and post it

Modified: 15 blue-band assist pullups for rope climb, 15 “girl” pushups for muscle-ups, db 20# squat & clean, 135# db, at least the box jumps were as rx’ed.
Tough one, but good. LIke Taylor, recovery took a while.

sub’d: 15 pull ups w. blue band for rope climbs, 12 jumping muscle ups, used 65# for C&J, 105 for DLs
finished in 43:03

I think this workout should be called DEATH!

28 something-subbed 85 for clean, 165 for deadlift(mainly because I did not warm up properly), jumping muscle ups and made it 1/2 to 2/3 way up rope 5x. Did not know I could climb a rope! Looking forward to a day off…Cool wod!

sub’d rope climb for 15 towel pullups, 12 jumping muscle ups
the rest as rx’d 49:31

Neil – box jumps rx’d 🙂 everything else modified 95 lb, C&J 200 lb DL, towel PU, rings for musleups – 46:10
Judy – 45 lb C&J, 95 lb DL, towel PU, rings, rx’d BJ – 38:47
Congratuations Brett and Taylor for rx’d and course everyone else who dared to do this WOD.

45:05 not as rx’d.

I came off the first rope climb and found I wasn’t able to complete 3 muscle-ups. Unwilling to give up so easily, I wasted about 10 minutes on the first 3 muscle-ups, and only managed to get 2 of them. By this point “for time” went out the window and I just focused on getting done what I could.

Managed 2-1-2-3-3 for the muscle-ups. At round 4 I started trying to emulate the DJ kip, and it got me through the last couple sets. C&J was scaled to 135# and was still fairly slow. My back is still a little sore from Mr. Joshua, and I was feeling it in the jerks when I tried anything over 135. DLs were scaled to 275# just because… All DLs were straight through, so I should have just sucked it up and gone with 300.

I don’t even want to post. DISASTER! Every movement felt shot. Thank you Brett for a nice evening!
Call it THE HULK, so I remember this terrible evening forever!

ropes from standing using legs
jumping muscle-ups
135# clean & jerks
300# deads // shifted to 275 after 12

Great energy and push tonight everyone!

yeah this one hurt! sub’d 275 to 255 DL, 135 Cleans and 3 CTD+Dips for MU
Hey Hulk see you on Tuesday at 5
Thanks Brett for the great workout the attendance was great

real mad I missed this one. Gonna try to make it up on Friday @ CFRegina. Can’t wait, sounds fun

Awesome time T-law! HUGE. I was actually thinking about king kong too, walking to the train. How about Queen Kong?

Myself 43:38. 115# cleans, 200#DL. 10 muscle up attempts, 1 success. (and 1 in the warmup….). Lots of towels and rings and chest to bar.

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