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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

27, 21, 15, 9, 3 reps for time of:

27, 21, 15, 9, 3 reps for time of:

Push Jerk – 135#/95#


27, 21, 15, 9, 3 reps for time of:

Med Ball Clean – 20#/14#
Wallballs – 20#/14# to 10’


27, 21, 15, 9, 3 reps for time of:

Box Jump – 24”/20”
Deadlift – 135#/95#

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete all 3 couplets to comments.

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32:49 scaled in various ways!
1. Pull-ups were combo of banded and ring rows, push jerk at 45#. Did 27/21/15/9 and moved on at coach’s suggestion (even just 3 more seemed like they would take an eternity)
2. 12# medball 21/15/9/3
3. Box step-ups and 85# Deadlift. All reps 🙂

That was a killer. Thanks, Derek M! And wowza to those of you who Rx this!!!

Wow was that hard!
Round 1 – 12:13 @ 115#
PU’s – Broke up the first two rounds into two sets, did the last three rounds unbroken. Push jerks were tough. Shoulder is really fatigued from all the Burpee‘s yesterday.
Round 2 – 10:43 rx’d. Really needed to use the hips on the wall balls, as the arms were shot from the pushers.
Round 3 – 12:14 – deadlifts @ 115#. They had a grand total of three jumps, realized that the hips were absolutely not there anymore, so did step-ups for the remainder.
Thanks OG!

36:29. Scaled the push press to 75#, my shoulders were totally useless today. Think it was those burpees yesterday. All else Rxd. Fun one, nice work team!
Thanks OG!

Something around 37 minutes. Pull ups were banded, push jerk and deadlift at 95#, the rest Rx. Wow that was a posterior workout. Every time I got the deadlift bar my legs were shaking. All that said, I enjoyed the challenge. Great job 9:30.

Ooops, round 3 was 8:00. I put in round 1 twice. Time math is hard.

Pandora’s Box. That’s what happened when I opened the box door this morning. Joe and I looked at each other and said “Good luck.”

Goal: To actually “walk” out of the box at the end.

Approach: Get the shoulders warmed up for wall balls. Suffer through 14# ball cleans and go dark for wall balls. Step ups for 20” box jumps. Hammer out the DLs at the end. Balance everything out to keep moving.

I decided to do 65# bar to see where I’m at. I would go for 85# in the future but the weight was still challenging. I banded pull ups to greece-the groove. It was still hard. I can’t remember what time I finished at. 35 min? A little less? The cleans really messed my legs up but I found a way to keep moving.

Brutal workout. All three of them.

Today’s suffering will make me stronger for future challenges. In the meantime I need to go home and weep uncontrollably for an hour or two in a dark cool place away from the kids.

30:25 Rx’d
Knee wasn’t loving this after yesterday, but plodded through.
Thanks Derek!

Well that wasn’t nearly as much fun as it sounded on paper (sarcasm heavily intended).
34:16 off the ladies tee.
First couplet in 10:49 – feeling okay…but facing impending doom.
Second couplet in 15:06 – whoever said, “You can always do one more med ball clean or one more wall ball” never met me. My capacity for either of these movements is limited at best, put them together and it goes down to nil.
Third couplet in 8:21 – all step ups because my legs had stopped working by this point.

I can’t begin to imagine doing this any closer to Rx….

Thanks Derek!

39:00 flat.
This WOD was a series of poor choices.

Pull ups: rxd until the round of 9 and switched to ring rows to save my hands. These were actually the best part of the WOD and I’m pleased my hands held out as long as they did

Push jerks: first poor choice: started @ 75#, dropped to 70# after 27. Probably should have done 65#.

MBC and WB rxd weight. Second poor choice. Should have switched to a lighter ball for the wallballs but I was too stubborn. Was only able to get it to the 9’ line.

Box jumps were all step ups. Didn’t even attempt jumps. Humbling and disappointing since box jumps are usually my jam.

DL rxd. Third poor choice. 95# felt like 195#. Had to break these up way too much.

Chalk this one up to a learning experience.

Good job 5:15.

Thanks Derek

Total time 38:40
RX pullups, 95# PJ
14# wall ball, (9&3 rounds was 20#)
24″ jump, 95# DL

Thanks Derek!

TT 32:05

Scaled to 15, 9, 3

PUs scaled to one leg assists on bar
Jerks @ 42#

MBCs & WBs @ 6#

Box Jumps 20”
DLs @ 42#

I felt bad for scaling down so many reps and finishing early… then I sat down and felt my whole body ache. That’s when I knew I made the right choice. That one was hard and definitely tested mind over matter.

Thank you to those that scared me from the previous class:

“Turn around and go home!” – Sandy
“Good luck…” – Caitlin

Amazing seeing how hard everyone pushed. Great job 6:30!

Thanks Derek!

Had a garbage day emotionally about nothing important so decided I would take it out on this workout… it’s not what I should have done but what I needed.

48:18 RX

First couplet: 15:00 – tried to actively pace this because I new the rest would be garbage for me. Barbell felt good today.

Second couplet: 17:00(ish) – My favourite movements smooshed together.

Third couplet: Stood there staring at the box deciding if I do step-ups or jump for about a minute. Decided I had come that far so why not 🤷‍♂️. Finished 15 jumps at the time cap of 45:00 and finished anyway. DL’s were all singles. My lack of virtuosity in the second couplet really compounded into a shittacular performance here but I kinda knew it would so wasn’t really surprised or upset that it happened.

Anyway – not the best scaling choices physically but mentally needed a good grinder.

Thanks Derek.

Amazing job 6:30. Thanks for the encouragement at the end.


PJ @ 95

Wall ball and Medball cleans RX

Box Jump RX
DL @ 95

43:12 RX
Not even sure what my split times were for each couplet just tried to keep going 🥵

Nice work everyone!
Thanks Derek

Well this was awful
Accidentally did 27 banded pull ups then 27 ring rows instead of 21. Warmed up with 55# for the push jerks, talked myself down to 42# and was able to move it pretty well.
Scaled the rest to 21/15/9
Wall balls and med ball cleans broke me mentally and spiritually. 10lb ball. Couldn’t string together more than 5 after the first round of 21.
Box step ups and deadlifts were a blur as I just tried to make up some time from dying in the second couplet.
Finished around 40 minutes.
Can tomorrow be max naps for time?

Hoooo – that got spicy, but happy to have done it.
lots of important choices allowed me to finish this chipper.
shoulders were really tight, so settled on a 65# PJ
27 kipping Pull Ups / 21,15,9.3 with a band – prretty good choices I think
14# Cleans and WBalls – long time getting all those done.
20″Boxjumps, so it was the relaxing part of the workout,
115# DL felt good after i got the first 27 out of the way.
there was a lot of work going on at the 630 pm class – great efforts – Monsieur Storbakken pushed through all the hard moments to get to the end successfully – very good work everyone,
thanks Coach Derek, appreciate you doing this for us!

PU – Rx’d, Push jerk 95#
Medball cleans, WB’s Rx’d
Box stepups, DL’s 95#
This one hurt my feelings.
Thanks O.G.

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