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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A.  Snatch – 3 reps x 5 sets, rest 2:00

B1.  (Weighted) Ring Dips – 5 reps x 5 sets @ 30X2, rest 90 seconds

B2.  Max Standing Box Jumps – 1 rep x 5 sets, rest 90 seconds

Coach’s notes:  Note the load for sets of snatch in A.  In B1 increase load per set if you achieve 5 reps @ tempo – note 2 second pause at top.  In B2 increase height of box each set but start from standing only, no run.  Post all results to comments.

Compare Snatch to March 28, 2011

Comments: 23

a. 95# -stayed light to work on technique
b1. body weight, shoulder was bothering me
b2. worked up to 50 inches. Got on top of 51.5 but couldn’t stay balanced. thanks michelle for the push to try 51.5!!

A. 42#…not a favorite lift
B1. Blue-band assisted for all sets
B2. 28″
Way to go, Derek, what a gazelle!! Great to see you, Michelle. Thanks so much.

Adelle had an early meeting and couldn’t make it.

A. Worked up to 82# and form started suffering a bit.
B1 – Worked up to 20#, should have gone higher.
B2 – I had never eally tried over 24″ but with a little encouragement I got to 36 3/4″ – surprised myself – Thanks to Ali and the mornign class.

Derek – great work on the box jump.

Fun, but power output was sorely lacking at 0600 this morning…
A. 115/135/155/160 (1)
B1. 20/30/40/50/50
B2. Worked up to 46″, failed at whatever is one red 25kg higher

A) 95 / 105 / 115 / 115 / 120 – This was good weight for me…happy.

B1) kip / strict / 10# strict / 10# strict / 10# strict

B2) 37″ / 39.5″ / 42″ / 44.5″ F / 43.5″ F

A. stopped at 95lbs x3-left wrist a bit angry
B1. stayed at BW for all sets to get tempo
B2. 42″/44″ (f)
Thanks Michelle!

Was going to take a couple days off after the 1/2 Ironman Sunday but couldn’t resist “Fight Gone Bad”in Vernon. Total: 333.

A: 65/75/80/85/90X1.5/90X1.5
B1: BW/5/10/15/20 (close to failing at 20)
B2: 35/37/39/41f/41f/41f/41

Last jump felt easy

95,135,135,135,135,155- Poor 3rd rep
B1- body weight, 15,25,35,35
B2- 51″ feet on 52 three times couldnt stand up.

A. worked up to 57#
b1. 1st round red skinny band rounds 2-5 1 band of red skinny band
b2. worked up to 32.5#
great class thanks michelle

125 +++
135 –+
145 -++
155 –+

B1: BW BW 25 25 25
B2: fail at 45

A. up to 125#
B1. bw/15/15/15/20
B2. 46″

Forgot to mention 155 snatch is 10lb PR for me. Thx Michelle!

Nice job on the 155 Jason!
A. 72/82/87/92/97
B1) BW/7.5/10/12.5/15
B2) Worked up to 41” (PR by 1”)
Thanks Michelle for all of the help. Audra a 42” box jump for you is absolutely insane, WOW!!!!

A. 75/95/105/110/115
B1. bw/5/10/15/20
B2. 37″ / 39″ (f)
Thanks Michelle

A. 95/105/110/120/125/130×1
B1. BW/5/10/15×4/15×3
B2. 35.5/37/41.5/45

Fun class

A. 42 Could not do more.
B1. Red Band/5/10/15/20
B2. 29.5/32/35/35

So fun and really excited about my first max box jump height!

A) 45/65/75/85×1 spazzy, iffy one-left it at that…NEED PRACTICE and CONFIDENCE for this lift.
B) BW/5lbs/7.5lbsx4/7.5lbsx3/7.5lbsx4 (for the last set I used the belt and it felt easier.
C) worked up to 34.5″ attempted another higher one(not sure of height) and failed. Darn! Michelle did that one without a warm up!! NICE! Confidence is the key… I witnessed this with all the amazing jumps in the 6 and 7pm tonight.
Michelle, you are a fantastic coach, thank you for all that you bring to class!

A. Cleans from the floor, worked up to 90lbs
B1. Red band, red band, 1/2 red band, 3@BW, 1/2 red.
B2. 34 1/4.
Thanks Michelle, don’t think I could have done the box jumps w/o you.
Amazing jumps Chelsea, Rae and Audra !!!!

A. 95/115/135f/135/145/155/165f/165lbs
B1. bwt/bwt/10lbs/10lbs/bwt

C. having ankle issue so just played around with a single (right) leg max box jump

nice work to everyone in the 7pm class who yard saled on the box jumps … everyone was going for it. ;0)

A) Worked up to 47… Feeling way better about the tech
B1) Blue band BW
B2) Max 27″

Thanks Michelle!

A. Worked up to 72×1
B1. 1/2 purple band for all sets
B2. 29″
Watching Chelsea, Mike, Dimitri and Jeff “float” onto the boxes was inspiring!
Great class Michelle!

A. 62/72/77/82/87 *fell back on butt a few times at beginning weight, haha I’ll blame it on time of day (6am)
B. Worked up to 25 lbs x 5 reps
C. 36″ (I think – shared box with Rick)
Thanks Aly and fellow boys at 6 – where were all the gals??

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