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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

100 Ball Slams

Rest 3:00

75 Box Jumps

Rest 3:00

50 GHD Sit Ups

Rest 3:00

25 Jumping Pull Up Burpees

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 20 lb Dynamax, gals use 12 lb for ball slams.  Guys use 20″ and gals use 15″ for box jumps.  Post time to complete each exercise and total time to comments.

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Comments: 10

Getting back into it. Did Annie.


looking forward to seeing y’all!

Ball slams: 3:07 (w/22lb ((bouncy)) med ball to a mat)
Box Jumps: 3:12 (20″ box)
GHD sit-ups: 2:19
Pull-up burpees: 2:33
Total: 11:11

Slammed the life outta my home made med ball real earl on so I did Monday’s WOD. Now I have to clean up some sand…….

Did squats at lunch 20(135) 15(185) 10(225) 10(225) 10(225) 20(135) 2mins rest between

WOD in evening
ball slams: 2:49 (26.5lb ball closest i could get)
box jumps: 1:34
subbed 100 anchored situps: 3:06 (gym doesnt have a GHD type bench)
pullup burp: 2:35
total: 10:04

ball slams (w/13lb ball) 2:57
Box Jumps (20 in) 1:35
GHD Sit-ups 2:14
pullup burpees 2:25

started with GHD
GHD: 2:14
Pull up burpees: 2:45
Slamball: 4:01
Box jump: 3:01
Total 12:01

GHD — 4:37
SB —-6:17

body slams: 2:57
box jump (20″):3:07
pullup burpee:2:40

total 11:35

Sofa King – How did you do your body slams?

Shelfin – I used kirk coburn

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