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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

6 sets:
1:00 max distance handstand walk or max rep wall walks
– Rest 1:00

1-2-3-4-5… etc.
Power clean (95/135 lb)
Deficit handstand push-up (4/2 in)

Coach’s notes:

Post distance or reps for pre-workout and rounds and reps reached in AMRAP to comments.

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Comments: 4


PWR Cleans #135
Deficit HSPU 4”

I explored Strict Speed versus Kipping Speed. For low reps or sets, Strict would be advantageous because I can do them at a quicker rate than my kip.

In this workout, I should have switched to the kip around round 4 or 5 rather than round 6.

8 Rounds + 9 Cleans + 3 HSPUs

Thanks Aaron.

A) practiced HSW, best was 2 mats
B) 7 rounds + 2
Was really struggling with the too much upside down headaches today. Ah well.
Thanks Aaron!

A) alternated with wall walks and handstand walking. Great tips Ari!

B) this might be my favourite workout.
8+3 RX

A. 3 wall walks per round for set 1-4, 2.25 walks in set 5, handstand hold practice near wall for round 6.
B. Scaled to hspu off box to abmat. Round of 8 complete plus PC plus 2 hspu. Shoulders on FIRE!

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