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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time:




Coach’s notes:  You will need 3 bars with 3 different weights for this WOD.  Guys will use 65 lbs in the first round (reps of 21), 95 lbs in the second round (reps of 15) and 115 lbs in the third round (the 9’s).   Gals use 45 lbs, 65 lbs and 75 lbs respectively.  Post time to complete to comments.

Attention CrossFitters!  This week let us know what your favourite CFC WOD is by posting it to comments. 

Comments: 16

15:39 Scaled to 22# throughout for the snatch (working on technique – not an easy move)…otherwise used prescribed weight. Thanks Michelle for your great encouragement 🙂

20:30 Scaled to 22# throughout the snatch.
Scaled the rest to 45#, 55#, 62#.
Thanks Michelle!

15:27 as rx’d. Between the deadlifts on Sunday and back extensions yesterday the lower back was completely fried. Eventually just did a power snatch followed by an overhead squat. Thanks Andrea for the Battle of the First Responders, that was awesome!!! Thanks for all of the tips and encouragement Michelle.

Started at Rx but WOD it fell apart pretty quick!

First set of
Thruster @ 65 ibs.
Snatch @ 52 Ibs
SDHLP @ 75 Ibs


Thruster @ 57 ibs.
Snatch @ 57 Ibs
SDHLP @ 75 Ibs


Thruster @ 57 ibs.
Snatch @ 57 Ibs
SDHLP @ 95 Ibs

Michelle thanks for the push and for staying back.

Time: 29:55.

Neil – all sets were 45 lbs snatches & 65 lbs thrusters/SDLHP – 19:?? something
Judy – all sets were 11 lb snatches & 22 lbs thrusters/SDLHP except last rd SDLHP I used 11 lbs to get finished. Wow those snatches are tough. – 21 minutes even

21 @ 65#
15 @ 70#
9 @ 75#
Time 20:49. This really hurt.

Used 31 lbs for all sets
Snatches started to feel smooth in 2nd set
Enjoyed this WOD!
And the orchestrated chaos – worked pretty well. Thanks Brett and Michelle!

As rx’d 19:10
New favorite WOD?!?!?!?
Thanks for the great class Michelle and Brett!

As Rx’d
18:52 – nasty – low back is still twisted from the 1.5BW deads from Sunday and that WOD sure isn’t going to help the recovery

Thrusters 53/75/95
22# snatches on every round
SDLHP 75/75/95
16:23 might be way wrong on time
Not my new favourite workout

A. Power cleans 3, 3, 3, 1, 1. 1
125×3, 140×3, 160×3, 175×1, 185×1, 195×1 (PR), 200×1 (PR)
B. WOD, Used 65lb for all 3 exercise, all 3 rounds. 16:18.
First time doing full (squat) snatch since shoulder repair.

As rx’ed 18:34
My new fav wod as well!! Thanks Brett and Michelle and for the strategy Alvaro!!

14:44. Scaled. Thrusters/SDLHP 45# and Snatches 22# All rounds. I will miss the 8pm class but understand.

What’s up w the 8 class??

10:00 Used 45lbs for all rounds. Subbed snatches for cleans due to continued shoulder issues. Thanks Michelle for recommending I stay at 45, my shoulder is thankful. Great class Brett and Michelle!

As rx’d 30:15 min. Did 21 Thrusters with 95# as a mistake
Thanks DJ, Taylor and Brett.
I knew I could do it, but the 115 snatches were happening 1 by 1 and I never could tell if I was going to be able to do the next one. Missed many times.
this one is also one of my fav wods now.

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