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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clean and Jerk – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes: Post load for all sets to comments.

Compare to November 24, 2010

Comments: 18

Not sure where Laura comes up with these morning wods
30seconds work 15 sec rest x5 1 min rest btwn sets
Russian stepups L #12.5- 9/8/8/8/7=40
db dead lift #20- 14/15/15/15/17=76
Russian stepups R #12.5- 7/8/8/7/8=38
KB swings 1pood 9/13/12/12/13=59
total 213. Holy cow that was hard!

6 am class as above. This one was super hard!
Russian stepups L #10×2 – 11/12/11/12/12 = 58
DB DL #25×2 – 14/13/14/12/14 = 67
Russian stepups R #10×2 – 10/11/11/11/11 = 54
KB swings 1 pood – 14/14/14/14/14 = 70
Total = 249
Thanks Laura and Colin 🙂

Cleaned 135 (PR) but failed on the jerk. Then tried a couple more times and kept failing on the clean so it was time to go home.

Thanks Laura

115/145/155/165/175/180 – cleaned but failed the jerk
Thanks Laura and everybody this morning – fun class!

95,105,125,135,140,145,150 (PR!!) woo whooo!! wanted to end on a good note so didn’t go any higher! felt good though!!
Thanks Laura!!! nice work this am everyone!!!

PR at 140
Failed on jerk, not on clean.

Tried this one too – 24in box/no weight for stepups
Russian stepups L – 23/18/15/12/19=87
db dead lift #25- 16/16/17/16/17=82
Russian stepups R – 21/17/17/17/17=89
KB swings 1.25 pood 15/15/14/14/14=72
total 330. agreed – very hard!

Worked up to 150 on the clean and jerks (PR). I cleaned 155 but failed the jerk, did one more clean at 160 just for the fun of it (tied my PR). Great work today Erin, Krista and Kim. Thanks Brett and Laura.

105/ 115/ 125/ 135/ 140/ 145 (PR) failed 150…..next time! Great work Chelsea and Erin!

100/105/110/115/117.5 (f)/117.5(PR)/120 failed on jerk
PR was 95# last time!
Thanks Brett

Wow Sarah!!! Amazing!!!
115/135/155/175/180/185/190(PR)/195 (f)

PR was 180# last time

Worked up to 165.
Nice work hulk and Sarah on the PR’s.

95/135/155/175/195/200(failed jerk)/200 (failed jerk) and quit.

HULK – I can’t believe the scale didn’t say FAT A** when you stepped on it; I guess it’s one of those unexplainable phenomenon.

worked up to 67 and did some targeted training homework.
Thanks Brett!

Neil – worked up to 160(f) did 155
Judy – practiced
Great having you coaching Brett. Great lifting Alvaro!

worked up to a new PR of 155. Thanks Chelsea for being my partner and nice work Kim!

Thanks Laura!

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