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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 rounds for time(s):

15 DB Push Press (unbroken)

15  K to E

15 DB Jump Squats

rest 2:00

Coach’s notes:  Guys use 30 lbs per hand and gals 20 lbs per hand for push press and jump squats.  For jump squats try to spend as little time as possible on the ground and therefore do not full squat.  Post time for eahc set and total working time to comments.

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Tues AM class:
4 sets:
2 min row – cals
1 min rest
2 min of rounds (5 K2E’s/5 push ups) – rounds
1 min rest
2 min barbell ground to overhead – reps
1 min rest

total reps as scoore

wicked hands!

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First round used 15#…then prescribed weight for the rest of the WOD.
1:28/1:32/1:38/1:47/1:33 Total working time = 7:58 K2E were the toughest part but then that’s whole idea, right??
Thanks for the encouragement as always, Michelle 🙂

Oh, and those K2E were not done as prescribed…knees were flailing about in the air looking for the knees but never found them.


Ahh good times!

Neil as rx’d – 1:28/1:59/2:05/2:02/2:10=9:34
Judy 15lbs PP – 1:58/1:56/1:59/1:52/2:02=8:27

A. Power cleans 125×5, 140×5, 150×5, 160×3, 165×3, 172.5×3
5 min rest
B. 3 rounds of WOD with 65lb barbell (easier than DB)
1:37/1:33/1:35. First time ever doing jump squats with load.

used 25#. I don’t think i managed to actually get my knees to my elbows for all reps.

As rx’d 13:07 total time, 5:07 working time

Correction Neil – 1:28/1:49/2:05/2:02/2:10=9:34
Judy – total work time 9:47

As rx’d 13:44 total time, 5:44 working time
lost my kip in the last roupd for the K2E!
Great WOD!

TT homework
Powercleanx5 95/125/145/165/170
Front Squatx5 95/135/155/165/170 ugly
Snatch DL 135/165/185/195

50 ctb pullups
50 burpees
time 6:48

I think I can do much better. Burpees destroyed me tonight though.

As rx’d, total working time 10:16
K2E’s weak point for sure because of grip failing. PP felt ok, and so did the jump squats.

Rx 17:18 Total time (Minus rest…9:18)

TT homework
Powercleanx5 135/140/145/150×4
Front Squatx5 95/135/115/125/130
Snatch DL 130/140/150/ran out of time

as rx’d – 1:27/1:24/1:44/2:03/1:57=8:35

Laura and Crossfit Calgary rocks!!! Great management skills and coaching by Laura. Lot’s of people at 6pm class and Laura kept everyone happy and working hard either by doing the TT homerwork or the WOD!!She had time to pay attention to everyone! Laura’s attitude is top-notch!!!

15:17 total time. so 7:17 working time. rounds were 1:02/1:11/1:17/1:37/2:10. difference in rounds were k2e’s… first 3 rounds were straight thru, 4th and 5th were broken. this was as rx’d or very close. brett pointed out that on my push press i was allowing my momentum to bring me onto my toes, so then of course i would come back down to my heels… which is starting to ride a blurry line between a push press and a push jerk. unintentional of course, i was being very aggressive in my hip drive as i knew 30lb db’s were going to become very heavy for me to do unbroken in later rounds. each knee touched each elbow every rep. great WOD!

Thanks Hulk! Good job to everyone working in close quarters!



Total time = 17:01
working time = 9:01
I’m fighting a cold and feeling a little under the weather so I decided to use 15 lb DBs. I found the first 2 rounds quite easy but by round 3 the K2E made up for the lesser weight. My knees touched my elbows with every rep. My 2 minutes of rest was used for coughing. Next time use 20lb DBs.

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