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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


A. As Many Reps As Possible in 2:00 – Hands on Box Jump Overs – 24”/20”

B. As Many Calories As Possible in 90s – erg of choice

C. 50 Burpees for time.

D. 50 Strict Pull-ups for time.

E. As Many Reps As Possible in 2:00 – Hip and Back Extension (controlled tempo)


TT WOD – Gymnastics

A1.  Straight Arm Kipping Hip to Bar – 6-8 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90s

A2.  Seated Straddle (hollow body) Pike Raises – 6-10 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Strict False Grip Muscle-up Transition – 5-6 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90ss

Note:  Use banded seat assistance or “toe nail” leg support

B1.  Overhead Prone Plank Wall Hold – 30s X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

Note:  Ensure to keep hollow body position.  To progress add shoulder touches.

B2.  Standing Barbell Delt Raise to Overhead – 8-12 reps @ 3030 X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

B3.  Standing Single Arm Banded External Rotation and Press with External Rotation – 8-12 reps X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

Note:  Turn thumbs back at top.


Comments: 14

A. 63
B. 33 cal bike
C. 3:34
D. 6:05
E. 20 something
Thanks Zac

In this order B/D/E/A/C – doing pull-ups after the row probably wasn’t a great idea.
A. 91 – big sets with short rest. Really focused on rebounding these.
B. 36 cals on the rower.
C. 4:15 – did these last and it showed. Spent more time watching Joe blast through his than actually doing mine.
D. 6:30 – last 10 took awhile.
E. 20 – focused more on technique than speed.
Thanks Derek!

Did D,E,A,B,C as the order.
A: 63 reps
B: 40 cals
C: 4min 10sec
D: 5min 52sec (with two green bands)
E: 16 reps

Order C/E/D/A/B
A: 50 over the red bench. My goal today was to actually jump over the bench not just off the end. Mission accomplished.
B: 22 cal
C: 6:29 just kept moving
D: 8:30 green and purple band
E: 13. Did these super slow and controlled.
When I looked at this WOD last night I thought it was going to be awful. It was actually kind of fun. 😀

In the following order,
D – 5:52
A – 74
E – 12
C – 2:23
B -39 cals row
Thanks Derek M

C) 4:10
E) 12
A) 69 😋
D) 5:37 (med green band/+thin red/med green & purple/last 10 reps were negatives)
B) 27.2 bike

I’m now a t-Rex 🦖 after that wod.

Thanks D!

A. As Many Reps As Possible in 2:00 – Hands on Box Jump Overs – 24”/20”
67 off the end of box focusing on consistent weight on shoulders. All over the place. My calves were burning. Looking forward to progress.

B. As Many Calories As Possible in 90s – erg of choice.
Made the mistake of thinking about work and lost my motivation to be aggressive. Terrible. 24 cal. My goal: 35-40cal.

C. 50 Burpees for time. 2:46

D. 50 Strict Pull-ups for time. 8:28

E. 12

D 6:30 thin blue band
A 90
E 16
C 3:40
B 13 bike


A: 100 – these really did a number on the Achilles.
D: 5:53 – started with 10… ended with 2s
E: 11 – hamstrings were not well impressed
C: 2:49 – tried to chase Joe, but couldn’t come close.
B: 25 cals – actually surprised myself here, didn’t expect much more than about 20.

Thanks Z!

I’m guessing Tania shaved a rep 🍑
Box over: 50 – first time doing these
Pull-ups: 7:30(?) second 25 with small pink band
Burps: 3:24 jumping and touching middle pull-up bar height – roughly 6”
Hip/Back: 10
Ski or flailing arm circles: 34 cals

Thanks Dragonballs-Z!

E: Supermans as long as possible holds with dowel

D: 50 ring rows, unsure of time

A: 33 over the bench

B: 60s until Zac came over and reminded me that we’re doing this one together… 🙄

C: Considering I did “100” burpees yesterday, I was only able to muster the courage for 20 tonight. In terms of time, I think the word eternity comes to mind (forgot to check)

B: 19 cals

Thanks Zac!

Did these in order of A D E C B
A – 70 used the scale of 2 dowels on 20” box
B – 17 cal 🙄
C – 2:58 arms were so tired after the pull-ups!
D – 7:34 did first 37 with blue band and 13 with blue + red band
E – 14 (?) lose track of counting these with focus on technique!

Liked having us all do B together at the end. More motivating!

TT was great but had a lot less to give right after the pull-ups and burpees in the WOD 😅

Thanks, Zak!

Pull ups with green and and blue band 6:31
Box jump overs 82 used red bench
Burpees 4:25 man I suck at these
Bike 28 calories managed to hold 70 rpm throughout
Back and hip extensions 15 and that was enough
Thanks zak!

A: 126

D: 4:14 Rx

C: Rx, 2:49 to a target 🎯 (pull-up bar) I wanted to make sure I fully extended at the top of my burpees

E: 21 reps (my poor hamstring)

B: 38 cals (my excuse is that I had maybe 60 secs break after the GHD B&H extensions before rowed)


All the max reps

Thanks Zac. Great work 6 and 7 pm.

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