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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


14-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 rep rounds of:

Squat Snatch – 95#/65#
Knees to Elbows

TT WOD – Opens Prep:

15.3 – Complete as many rounds as possible in 14 minutes of:

7 Muscle-ups
50 Wallballs – 20# to 10’/14# to 9’
100 Double Unders


Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete WOD and rounds and reps complete of TT WOD to comments.

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Comments: 14

Used 32 lbs for the squat snatch. Knees to elbows were hit and miss ( mostly attempts)
Nice work at 6 am
Thanks Derek!

20:23 Rx’d.
Thanks Derek!

22:54 …and then I died.
85# squat snatch; K2E Rx.

Really fun workout. Nice to do some high volume snatches. Thanks Josh!

60# for squat snatch first 2 rounds (26 reps)
55# for the rest
K2E rx’d…hurting those knees those knees to elbows every time is hard!
I knew I had to break these rounds up right away.
Round 9/8/7 hit like a brick wall. 🥴
This one is tough yet super fun once finished!
Great work 10 am!! Thanks Joshy!

15:48. Kind of “Franny” at the end.

Obviously had a hard time recovering from this one….what I meant to say was: getting those knees to elbows every time is hard!


45# Squat Snatch.

Knees higher than my shoulders but can’t get them to my elbows yet.

Happy seeing the improvements on these movements.

This was a fun workout.

Thanks Josh!

TT 15.3
2015: 1 round even and all the failed MU attempts
2019: 1 round + 7 MU + 28 WB

Thanks Andy for counting and Todd for coaching!

TT: 371 reps

Finished all 50 wallballs in the 3rd round – really happy with my pace on this one, just need to get better at my double unders!

Open TT
Scaled version:
50 wallballs @ 10# to 9’
200 single understan
2015: 746
2019: 754
We did this in class a few months after the Open and I got 776 reps. Was hoping to break 800. Probably should have broken up the wallballs sooner.
This was every bit as awful as I remember.

Way to go Derek!

Thanks Todd!

Single unders. What the hell?


252 reps. 38 double unders in the second round. I thought this one was pretty fun. My DUs went really good the first round (for me), and then blew up in the second round. Single after single in the last minute or two. I got pretty frustrated for a minute there. 😬 I apologize for my grumpiness!!! Just needed a second to cool off.

Thanks for the awesome judging Derek, and nice work yourself – that was a wicked push.

Nice work everyone else as well!

Thanks Todd!

258 reps.
44 DU’s into the second round.
Started with 5 unbroken MU’s, then mostly singles and doubles.
Wall balls in sets of 10’s then down to 5’s.
Double-unders were actually pretty good today which is a relief because I had lost these for a while.
Finished the first round at 6:38. Much faster than I anticipated.
Would love to see this WOD come up again this year.
Thanks for counting David and great work. 14 bar muscle-ups a week after you got your first is pretty impressive!
Thanks Todd!
Great job tonight everyone.


Rx: 16:41

Kind of had my soul sucked out of my body on this one. A few times I would come off the bar, forget what I was doing and just saw a bar and got it over my head, in a power snatch. Should have had my bar further away to give me more time to think between rounds.

Supirour programming Brett, awesome warm up Josh. Great work 10am.


3 full rounds, or 471 reps.

MU: R1: 7 / R2: 7 / R3: 3,2,2. Went till I was going to fail.

WB: R1: 50 / R2: 11,12, 13, 14 / R3: I think I was doing sets of 10 ish. I knew this was going to be a WB wod for me. I’ve never done 50 unbroken WB before (compitition bring the best out of you).

DU: R1: 76, 24 / R2: 100 / R3: 100. After my last set of WB I had 75 secs left to do my DU. Todd told me to take a break and go at 13:00. I know I can do 100 DU in 1min but I can’t make any mistake. It was down to the wire but I got it done.

Thanks Todd, Jeff, Jen and Sandy.
Great work 7pm.

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