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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Row 500m

Rest as needed.

Row 1000m

In-between and/or after rows practice SLIPS.


TT WOD – Gymnastics

A1.  Straight Arm Kipping Hip to Bar – 6-8 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90s

A2.  Seated Straddle (hollow body) Pike Raises – 6-10 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90s

A3.  Strict False Grip Muscle-up Transition – 5-6 reps X 3-4 sets, rest 60-90ss

Note:  Use banded seat assistance or “toe nail” leg support

B1.  Overhead Prone Plank Wall Hold – 30s X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

Note:  Ensure to keep hollow body position.  To progress add shoulder touches.

B2.  Standing Barbell Delt Raise to Overhead – 8-12 reps @ 3030 X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

B3.  Standing Single Arm Banded External Rotation and Press with External Rotation – 8-12 reps X 3 sets, rest approx. 60s

Note:  Turn thumbs back at top.

Coach’s notes:

For rowing, complete in any order and post time for both rows to comments. In TT gymnastics post all results to comments.

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Comments: 20

500m -> 1:38.5
1000m -> 3:45.0

Thanks Zack! Great rowing 6am!


Gord, Paul, did you guys see that you tied the 500m row exactly!!!!!


Thanks D!

500m 1:49:1
1000m 4:10:4

I’ve been making technique adjustments for rowing in the last month and getting great results in efficiency. Today was the first time I’ve felt fantastic rowing. I could focus on being aggressive for once. Can’t wait to shave 5sec off.


Love the detailed coaching for technique.

500m 2:06
1000m 4:37
Really liked the Tabata SLIPS, Derek. Thanks.

500 – 153.2
1000 – 401.6
Feeling the effects of DT today….was hoping to get under 4 mins for the 1000m row, I think my previous pr is 3:51, but hey I showed up and did my best!
Thank D! Fun class!

500 – 1:44
1000 – 3:57

Went too hard in the first half of the 1000 and couldn’t keep pace in the second half.
Thanks Derek!


500m -> 2:16
1000m -> 5:06

Slips were fun 😊 Thanks Derek!

Still have a Heartbreaker hangover so this was a bit of a train wreck (rower wreck?)
500m: 2:04.5 think my fastest is 1:57
1000m: brain tapped out with 60ish metres @ 4:16. My fastest for this is 4:01. I need to get past my mental blocks with rowing.

SLIPS were okay.

Thanks Derek. Rowing tech work was spot on.

500m – 140.4
1000m – 3:39.5
Thanks Derek!

500m 1:35.3
1000m 3:28.7

Nice work everyone!!

Well that was an unfortunate train wreck…while I certainly didn’t expect to PR, I at least expected to finish. Yeah….that didn’t happen.
500m – 1:48.8, well off my best.
1000m – legs quit 300m in and, despite 2 attempts to keep going, I gave up with 300m left when the back pain kicked in.
SLIPS didn’t happen either, between quad cramp and shoulder bursitis.
This kind of thing really triggers my anxiety, so thanks everyone for just giving me space and letting me keep it in check.

Thanks Derek, sorry I couldn’t follow your excellently laid out plan…next time!

500m – 1.54.9
1000m – 4.27.8

Really struggled through the last 300 m of the 1000m .
Thanks Derek!

500m. 1:41.4. (6 sec faster)
1000m 3:37.7 (11 sec faster)

Managed to keep the breathing under control today, big help!

Thanks Derek M!

Thanks Derek for an excellent workout.
500 m – 2:12
1000m – 4:34 and that last 100m truly hurt.
Thank goodness for the “scaled” Tabata workout. Time was on my side for once;-)
A BIG thank you for that LOL

500m – 1:44
1000m – 3:54

Thanks Derek

500m 2:28
1000m 5:08
Thanks, Zak, for helping me with rowing technique. I’ll definitely work on it.

For SLIPS, I really like the tabata approach.

TT – The new movements were challenging and a lot of fun. Liked the progression from previous weeks. Look forward to Thursday! Thanks, Derek.


Did it during open gym. I hate WODing alone. 😢

500 m
Went out to hard and crashed and burned.

1,000 m
Happier with this on

Did yesterday’s WOD (wallballs, rowing and pistols with 5 bar muscle ups after each round) and those were by far the easiest BMU I’ve ever done. I was so high on the bar. Basically this has been probably the best TT program ever.

14:04 Rx

Thanks for WODing with me Jeff!

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